Idaho Town Erupts After Chamber Bans Crosses From Fourth of July Parade

WATCH!! Idaho Town Erupts After Chamber Bans Crosses From Fourth of July Parade!!,vid:GE8kfG5x-VM,st:0

The citizens of Couer d’Alene, Idaho were stunned to learn that the Chamber of Commerce had decided to ban religious symbols and flags in the annual Independence Day parade. Watch what happened during the parade below. Click here to get conservative news without social media censorship.

“America was founded as a Christian nation. So why is one local Independence Day parade restricting Christian expression for participants,” asked Titus Folks, vice president of the Idaho Family Policy Center. “We were shocked when we learned that the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce recently changed their policies to prohibit religious symbols and flags in their annual 4th of July parade.”

Folks correctly pointed out that “it’s impossible to celebrate America without fully embracing our nation’s – and our state’s – Christian heritage.”

“Christians should be free to respectfully proclaim the Gospel, the Cross of Christ, and the Christian flag,” he wrote in a scathing message to the Chamber. “This is ESPECIALLY true at celebrations of the United States of America.”

Residents said they were simply bewildered by the Chamber’s tone-deaf announcement.

“This isn’t San Francisco,” one resident wrote. “This is North Idaho, and many of us live here because we honor the traditional American values that seem to be disappearing elsewhere. With all due respect – you really should be in better touch with the community you serve.”

The Chamber of Commerce eventually reversed the ban after the local uproar. Chamber president Linda Coppess said their intent was “not meant to isolate individuals or be considered an anti-religious policy.”

It’s difficult to square her explanation with the fact that the policy intentionally singled out religious groups and organizations. And the Chamber’s “non-apology apology” ended up offending even more people.

“This year, we introduced guidelines to ensure we honor America’s military and not open the door to offensive displays,” she wrote. “While we understand the significance of various symbols, we intend to keep the parade welcoming for everyone.”

Well, that implies a cross or some other religious imagery would be considered offensive.

The Idaho Tribune, a fast-growing conservative news organization, praised citizens for showing up at the parade armed with American flags and wooden crosses.

“We the People have had enough of the anti-Christ tyrants that are in control of Coeur d’Alene. CHRIST IS KING,” the newspaper wrote on X.

“As a person of deep faith, the recent events and accusations have been especially heartbreaking,” Coppess said. “Our goal for the Fourth of July American Heroes Parade is to create a celebration that honors our military, fosters family-friendly fun, and respects all attendees.”

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