For the last six weeks I’ve been in Israel touring as a volunteer vinedresser
in Judea and Samaria, partially fulfilling the last days prophesy before the
battle of Armageddon.

“Foreigners will be your servants. They will feed your flocks and plow your
fields and tend your vineyards.” Isaiah 61:5

The group I was with had finished harvesting 74 U.S. tons of grapes on
Simcha Torah – the rewinding or rolling back of the Torah scrolls from
Deuteronomy back to Genesis at the start of each new year – when
shockingly Hamas started a war at 6:30 am on the fiftieth anniversary of the
Yom Kippur War in 1973. The significance was lost on no one!

The pure and literal evil in that attack is beyond description. There was no
mercy, no compassion, no moral conscience. Only brutal, cruel, and
senseless carnage perhaps more heinous than the atrocities of the Nazi
Holocaust because this carnage was designed specifically for, and
accompanied by, instant worldwide Hamas boasting and celebration via
social media.

After the attack, our return flight was scheduled, canceled, and rescheduled
three times because all U.S. airlines stopped flying most routes in and out of
Israel and those who were flying were bumping economy passengers to
accommodate priority passengers. Airlines do not provide immediate refunds
for canceled flights, and many evacuees’ credit cards had exceeded limits.
depleting personal resources when they were needed most – in a war zone!
We registered with the United States Embassy and were informed that we
must first sign a written agreement committing to repay the U.S.

government for our travel expenses and they could not guarantee our safety.
When remaining airlines ceased flying in and out of Israel, our hosts insisted
that all volunteers leave Israel as soon as possible. We evacuated to Tel Aviv
Airport, set-up with temporary embassies to get foreign nationals home.
Upon arrival the U.S. Embassy said they would fly us to Bucharest for $400
each, but from there we were on our own. An Embassy employee directed
me to ticketing agents downstairs to book a flight from Bucharest to the U.S.

As I was searching for a Romanian ticketing agent, a Royal Canadian Air
Force officer approached me with an offer to help. I told her my story. She
personally walked me back to the U.S. Embassy saying there had been no
ticketing agents in the airport for days (So who was the U.S. Embassy agent
sending me to look for?)

Another U.S. Embassy representative told Vivian (the Canadian officer and I
were becoming fast friends) that there were a million U.S. citizens in Israel
and they could not afford to get us all out of the country. It was adding
insult to injury after hearing the U.S. would send $100 million for aid in Gaza
but they couldn’t afford a flight home for U.S. citizens.

Vivian told me, “We can do better.” She took me back to the Canadian
Embassy table where they booked my friends and me on a free flight leaving
in two hours for Athens, Greece. One step further, the Canadian Embassy
employees offered to take us from Athens to Toronto, if we couldn’t find a
better arrangement. The Canadian Air Force officers were our flight
attendants serving us snacks and drinks, they handled our luggage, hotels,
and meals in Athens, if we needed those services, and they ushered us
easily through Customs on both ends of the flight.

I and those who flew with me are forever grateful to the kind men and
women of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the taxpayers of Canada for
providing a safe way out of the war zone in Israel. They were assisting not
only Canadians, but Americans, Australians, and many other stranded

It greatly disappoints me to give this travel advisory to those caught in the
battle shaping up to be Armageddon: If you want out, don’t count on the

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