American Uncensored News Network, (AUN-TV), was founded to solve what may be America’s biggest problem: the near monopoly on television of corrupt and censored news that advances the world view and policies of a small group that is hostile to American Values. These values, such as Liberty and Justice for All, Economic Freedom, and Limited Government have already been severely damaged. The future of America depends on exposing and defeating this monopoly by having a truthful and legitimate alternative.

All the news that’s true has a home at the AUN-TV network, The Uncensored News Network! AUN-TV has a mission of creating “uncensored” news, talk and documentary programming from independent media and grassroots production. The network’s goal is to report the news and features other networks are afraid to touch. AUN-TV Network with its sister website: will air and post hard hitting credible stories that no other television network will touch.

Where to watch

Channel 3 | San Francisco, CA
Channel 12 | San Francisco/Marin County CA
Channel 8 | Fort Bragg/North Coast CA
Channel 27 | Santa Rosa, CA
Channel 45 | Wine Country, CA
Channel 23 | Redding, CA
Channel 11 | Chico, CA
Channel 28 | Sacramento/Chico, CA

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