PURE EVIL!! And how you can help Israel during this horrific time!! BY PAUL DRIESSEN

Pure evil has been unleashed against the people of Israel. So many were brutally murdered, including babies who were beheaded in their cribs in one kibbutz! Children were butchered or kidnapped. Women were raped and then kidnapped or murdered and defiled. 260 young people were slaughtered at a music festival, and dozens more butchered or hauled away to Gaza. Holocaust survivors and other elderly met the same fates. The Hamas terrorists who did this are beneath the most vicious animals.

There is no “both sides” to this story.

No one can bring back the lost lives or even comprehend the horrific traumas, like those found on Instagram but often sanitized elsewhere. However, giving up is not an option. Following is a list of some of organizations that are actively Israel’s response to these catastrophes and greatly need support.

I am very involved in Jewish National Fund-USA (the first organization on the list) and can personally recommend the organization for its programs all across Israel for people of all faiths.

I am not intimately familiar with the other listed groups but have heard good things from friends and colleagues. You may want to review their websites for more information.  (Note that the descriptions of  these organizations comes from a Jerusalem-based source.)

Thank you for considering a donation at this very difficult time.

Paul Driessen


Addressing Current Needs in Southern Israel

  • Jewish National Fund – USA – Emergency “Resilience Campaign. Every dollar raised by this JNF campaign goes to addressing critical, current needs: evacuation, transportation and emergency housing for hardest hit communities on the border; firefighting and protective equipment to combat ongoing rocket fire that’s destroying homes, buildings and livelihoods; bedding and hygiene supplies for those displaced from their homes; psychological treatment; and the promise to rebuild communities devastated by attacks, to keep their spirits and hope strong.

In one case, “JNF-USA purchased advanced security cameras that were installed on the roof of Bnei Netzarim Synagogue in Halutza. Last Saturday the cameras spotted 13 Hamas vehicles headed to Israel for an attack. With encrypted radios (also supplied by JNF), the local security teams coordinated an interception and guided IDF forces to cut the terrorists off, saving countless lives. www.JNF.org/SupportIsrael

Emergency Responders

  • Magen David Adom: MDA is Israel’s national emergency medical service. It plays a vital role in saving lives, especially during times of crisis. MDA provides ambulance services, blood donations and medical support to those in need. Your contribution can help MDA continue their essential work.  https://www.MDAIS.org/en or its American Friends US site https://www.AFMDA.org
  • United Hatzolah: This volunteer-based organization operates a network of first responders throughout Israel and is the largest volunteer ambulance service in the world. It provide rapid medical assistance during emergencies, often on motorcycles. (I’ve seen them in action.) Contribute to their lifesaving efforts at United Hatzolahhttps://IsraelRescue.org/

Support for Trauma Victims and Their Families:

  • Eran: Eran offers emotional support through a helpline to people experiencing crisis, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Your donation will help them continue this vital work. https://en.eran.org.il/donate-online/
  • Natal: Natal provides comprehensive support for Israeli victims of trauma and terror. Their programs offer psychological help and healing for individuals and families affected by violence. https://www.natal.org.il/en/
  • One Family: This organization provides assistance to victims of terror attacks: financial aid, therapy, and support networks for affected families. You can contribute to their mission at https://OneFamilytogether.org/
  • Trauma for Good: This organization uses innovative methods to help trauma survivors rebuild their lives. Its professionals empower survivors to turn their pain into strength and resilience. https://www.Trauma4Good.org/en/home2/
  • Zaka: This volunteer-based organization specializes in search, rescue and recovery operations during emergencies and terror attacks. It also provides emotional support to victims and their families. Its website is only in Hebrew, but any translation app can automatically translate the page. https://zaka.org.il/

Supporting IDF Soldiers

  • Friends of the Israel Defense Forces: FIDF offers programs and services to support IDF soldiers and their families, helping to improve the lives of these brave individuals. https://www.fidf.org/
  • Brothers for Life: This organization supports wounded soldiers, including those who have lost limbs or been paralyzed, providing them with care, rehabilitation and resources to lead fulfilling lives. https://www.BrothersForLife.com/
  • Chayal el Chayal: This organization provides housing and support to “lone soldiers” (soldiers without family in the country) serving in the IDF. Your support ensures these soldiers have a home away from home. https://www.chayalelchayal.com/
  • Lone Soldier Center: The Center offers a wide range of services to lone soldiers, including financial support, social activities and mentorship programs. https://LoneSoldierCenter.com/
  • The Michael Levin Base: This organization also supports lone soldiers, by providing them with a sense of community and the resources to make their service in the IDF more manageable far from home. https://themichaellevinbase.org/
  • Bezri: This group is dedicated to improving the welfare of all IDF soldiers, by providing them with essential items and support. https://www.bezri.org/program_info.php?program_id=58

For an uplifting story of a young heroine who led her kibbutz in battling and killing two dozen Hamas terrorists, see https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12616229/Israeli-woman-Inbar-Lieberman-kibbutz-Nir-Hamas.html

For a article about the despicable elements running Harvard and Harvard Law School publications and organizations, see https://townhall.com/tipsheet/john-hasson/2023/10/10/meet-the-harvard-students-supporting-hamas-invasion-of-israel-n2629626

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