Pete Buttigieg’s New Proposal: Ditching Cars due to Racism

Pete Buttigieg’s New Proposal: Ditching Cars due to Racism

No gas stoves, no gas-powered cars, and no beer are just a few things the Biden Administration has put the kibosh on.

The White House is now leading Americans into believing cars are the leading cause of climate change, promote racism, and should, therefore, be banned. This comes from Pete Buttigieg and a new group of experts he’s put together.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appointed an Obama-era group made up of 24 leading experts to advise him on transportation equity, claiming the privilege of owning a car ignites systemic racism and should be banned because of their negative impact on the environment. Mind you, these people are not at all engaged in the automotive business nor understand the freedom connected with your car. Or maybe they do understand the freedom and want control.

Members of the Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity include spatial policy scholar Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, who says, “All cars are bad” and calls for “zero emission transit.”

However, she told the Free Beacon that she is not “advocating for a complete erasure” of cars but hopes to convince Buttigieg to re-direct the U.S. from relying on private motor vehicles like Uber and mass transit.

Veronica Davis also claimed cars are the “problem” and divide communities because, according to her, vehicles are a “status symbol” that only privileged white people own.

Quote: “This isn’t anti-car propaganda, but vehicles have wreaked havoc on the environment and communities,” Davis said, according to her book about inclusive transportation.  “Racism shaped the urban and suburban areas, where even today we see the residual effects.” She prefers 15-minute cities — we covered that subject in a past segment.

Scrapped by the Trump Administration, the committee will advise Buttigieg on “promising practices to institutionalize equity into agency programs, policies, regulations, and activities.”

In 2021, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that required federal agencies to “pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all.” The agency reportedly has to conduct an “equity assessment” to identify policies that create “systemic barriers” for minority communities.

In January, Buttigieg promoted a climate plan to reduce “commuting miles” through an “increase in remote work and virtual engagements… The pandemic has highlighted major opportunities for telework, with some studies showing the possibility of ten percent long-term reduction in annual vehicle miles traveled,” the plan states.

Along with several other things, the Biden Administration has advocated for Americans to purchase electric vehicles to push their radical New Green Deal.

Sales of electric cars has not gone as planned. The product is great, the infrastructure for charging has turned buyers off. Even Pete Buttigieg has stated this recently.

I say consumers should have the choice to drive what ever they want that meets their needs whether it be electric cars, plug in hybrids, hybrid, gas or diesel. Let the buyer decide not the government.

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