Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Recent Comments To a House Judiciary Committee Leaves Some Concern

With all the discussion surrounding Hunter Biden’s all-too-easy surrendering to gun charges, the House Judiciary Committee was seeking answers.

So, they called upon Attorney General Merrick Garland to provide them. However, his straightforward – and almost scripted – response has just left more questions. In his opening statement, Garland noted that “the Justice Department works for the American people” and that “I am not the President’s lawyer.”

He would later go on to explain that the Justice Department’s role is to “pursue justice, without fear or favor,” and not to “do what is politically convenient,” despite several pieces of evidence noting otherwise.

He also noted that the Department doesn’t “take orders from the President, from Congress, or from anyone else about who or what to criminally investigate.”

But House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, along with several others, wasn’t convinced. “The fix is in. Even with the face-saving indictment last week of Hunter Biden, everyone knows the fix is in.”

That said, Garland didn’t provide any additional answers, leaving just as much lingering doubt surrounding Hunter Biden, and the special treatment he’s getting as he faces his gun charges.

Some real questions need answers:

  • Would you say he’s definitely trying to “play it safe” for the sake of Biden? Or someone else?
  • Do you think his plain answers are concerning, especially considering the way that the Justice Department and the FBI have reportedly acted over the past few months?
  • Jim Jordan noted that “the fix is in” when it comes to Garland’s plain answers??
  • Where should future House Judiciary Committee meetings to go?

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