France’s Marine LaPen Would Be A Liberal Democrat In America? Mostly Yes

France’s Marine LaPen Would Be A Liberal Democrat In America? Mostly Yes

Its claimed that Mark Twain said of journalism “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”. In journalism today there is an unspoken mantra “Always Lie About Political Labels”.

Today in America what would you accurately call someone with the following positions? We will start with the #1 issue for Democrats, abortion.



  1. Supports keeping abortion legal, and opposes efforts to abolish public subsidies for abortion.
  2. Against death penalty for any crime, instead supports imprisonment “in perpetuity” for the “worst crimes”.
  3.  Taxation: Denounces the current corporate tax as “a crying injustice”. Says the top 40 corporations only pay 8% of corporate tax whereas the small offices/home offices, the small and medium enterprises, the craftsmen and the shopkeepers fully pay 33.33%. Advocates to implement a flexible corporate tax according to the use of profits: heavier when the profits benefit the shareholders and lighter when the profits turn towards profit sharing, salaries, employment and productive investment, enabling a relocation of activities.
  4. Denounces sharp rises in energy prices[246][247] (gas,[248]gasoline,[249][250][251] electricity[252]) which has “harmful consequences on the purchasing power of the working and middle-class families”.
  5. Claims that ‘internationalist organisations’ such as the EU, FAO, United Nations and G-20 are directly responsible for the food crises throughout the world. Advocates food independence from multinationals[243] and “a realignment of the farm aid politics to the third world countries in order to favour their food sovereignty in particular by the reintroduction of localized food crops”.
  6. Advocated to implement a drastic regulation of the banking sector separating by law the deposit banks from the merchant banks. She claimed that “the deposit banks should be rescued by a temporary and partial nationalization“. In her view, “the balance sheet of the banks should be the object of a transparency operation”.
  7. Has expressed support for the public utilities, the civil servants, and the general public interest.[221][222] Thus opposes the programmed privatization of the Post Office: Said: “the privatization, with the aim of only making profitable, will result in the removal of post offices in the rural areas where the relinquishment of the state is already high”.

Those position would be called Democratic Party to Bernie Sander’s socialist wing of the Democratic Party policies. Or Left of Center in America.

Whose views are they?  Those are the positions that Wikipedia lists for Marine La Pen, after falsely labeling her as “Far Right”.  The rest of the news media is saying the same thing.  The media says in the French election there were Communist Party and Socialist Party candidates that are “Far” nothing. But the candidate whose views are mostly like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is falsely labeled as “extreme far right wing”.


Journalists Unspoken Creed:

“Always Lie About Political Labels”


OK so they are lying, why are they lying?

Two reasons. The real political spectrum is totalitarian dictatorship on one side and libertarianism on the other.

Totalitarian Dictators                                      Libertarians

Joseph Stalin                                                              Ron Paul

Adolf Hitler                                                                 Calvin Coolidge

Pol Pot                                                                          Ronald Reagan

Fidel Castro                                                                 Thomas Jefferson



Then there are various degrees of the percent of dictatorship or liberty between these extremes, such as Hillary Clinton and Marine La Pen.  

The most restrictive country in the world for immigration is North Korea, which is also the most Left Wing of totalitarian dictatorships. Immigration is not in itself either libertarian or dictatorship oriented. America has had about the same amount of liberty during periods of lax immigration standards or restrictive ones.

So in this case journalists and politicians are lying about La Pen’s Obama/Clinton like political positions because she is in favor of restrictive immigration, which historically has not been consistently tied to other political or economic beliefs.

For example Mexico has highly restrictive immigration policies and America does not, yet those on “the extreme left wing” prefer Mexico’s politics to America’s.  At least in terms of what they say.  They never protest Mexico’s policies.  The American news media is extremely in favor of open borders for America and France, yet closed borders are just fine for Mexico and North Korea. They are being dishonest, they have an agenda that is not related to immigration itself, it is related to inundating certain countries with massive immigration.

The 2nd reason for lying about political labels is that self admitted and self labeled “left wing” socialist politicians like Adolf Hitler and Mussolini are an embarrassment to many in the news media that share Hitler’s and Mussolini’s beliefs. So they lie and claim their politics are the opposite of what they were, so as to not besmirch “socialism” with the truth about what happens when “socialists” like themselves actually do get power.







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