Venezuela’s Supreme Completes Marxist Move To Total Dictatorship, Dissolves Legislature

Venezuela’s Supreme Completes Marxist Move To Total Dictatorship, Dissolves Legislature

Bernie Sanders America (so called democratic socialism) which has been implemented in Venezuela has just made the normal move to a conventional dictatorship. Dictatorially the Supreme Court there has self appointed themselves as the legislature, to be the opposition to themselves and the dictator Maduro. Will this lead to a revolution?

If so it would be totally justified.  The rights of the people were mostly taken away by Chavez and Maduro, who both claimed to be like Senator Bernie Sanders, Marxists that allow elections.  Now there are no elections and no legislature because the people voted for the opposition and Marxists really do not believe in elections, they believe in dictatorships.

Where have Marxists/Socialists ever allowed elections and human rights after they got into power for over 10 years?  Only one place, Venezuela which as of today is a dictatorship.  So as of today every time someone like Bernie Sanders has power, they turn the country into a dictatorship.


Judges ruled that lawmakers were in contempt of court because they were holding up efforts to revive the crisis-stricken economy. Opposition congressmen decried the move by the justices as a step towards dictatorship.

In protest, Peru recalled its ambassador to Caracas and promised to step up efforts to eject Venezuela from the Organisation of American States for what it called a “flagrant breach of democratic order”.

The United States condemned what it described as a move to “usurp the powers” of the national assembly.

“This rupture of democratic and constitutional norms greatly damages Venezuela’s democratic institutions and denies the Venezuelan people the right to shape their country’s future through their elected representatives. We consider it a serious setback for democracy in Venezuela,” the state department said in a statement.

President Nicolás Maduro lost control of congress in December 2015 when voters – angry about soaring inflation, rising poverty and shortages of medicines and basic commodities – inflicted a heavy legislative election defeat on the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela. 

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