Tim Kaine’s Son Arrested For Rioting, A Tradition For Democrats?

Tim Kaine’s Son Arrested For Rioting, A Tradition For Democrats?

Is rioting a tradition among Democrats? A look at both history and today says Yes. It is taboo to say it, it is censored but rioting is very much a Democratic Party tradition. There is no such thing as a Republican riot.   Check it out for yourself.

The 1863 New York City Riots is a good example. Possibly over 100 were murdered by it, an orphanage for colored children was burned down, blacks were hunted down and lynched, just for being black.  the whole thing was organized and committed by Democrats.

Nothing has changed.  There has never been such a thing as Republican riot. Think of every riot in your lifetime that involved burning down stores and homes and torching cars and shooting police.  Do you think that was Republicans at work? We inherently know that it is Democrats that riot, if the question is asked.

We have checked there has never been a Republican riot, just Democrat riots and Communist riots or others. Often the riots and murdering has been planned by Democratic Party officials, such as the Democrat military overthrow of the City of Wilmington North Carolina in 1898.

The Wilmington insurrection of 1898, also known as the Wilmington massacre of 1898 or the Wilmington race riot of 1898, began in Wilmington, North Carolina on November 10, 1898 and continued for several days. It is considered a turning point in Post-Reconstruction North Carolina politics. The event marks an era of more severe racial segregation and effective disenfranchisement of African-Americans throughout the South, a shift already underway since passage by Mississippi of a new constitution in 1890 raising barriers to voter registration. Laura Edwards wrote in Democracy Betrayed (2000), “What happened in Wilmington became an affirmation of white supremacy not just in that one city, but in the South and in the nation as a whole.”[1]

Originally described by (Democrat) white Americans as a race riot caused by blacks, the events are classified by some as a coup d’etat; white Democratic Party insurgents overthrew the legitimately elected local government,[2][3] expelling black leaders from the city. In addition, a mob of nearly 2,000 white men attacked the only black newspaper in the state, and persons and property in black neighborhoods, killing an estimated 15 to more than 60 victims, and destroying homes and businesses built up since the Civil War.[4]

Two days after the election of a Fusionist white mayor and biracial city council, two-thirds of whose members were white, Democratic Party white supremacists[citation needed] seized power and overturned the elected government. Led by Alfred Waddell, who was defeated in 1878 as the congressional incumbent by Daniel L. Russell (elected a fusionist governor in 1896), more than 2,000 white men participated in an attack on the black newspaper, Daily Record, burning down the building. They ran officials and community leaders out of the city, and killed many blacks in widespread attacks, especially destroying the Brooklyn neighborhood.

They took photographs of each other during the events. The Wilmington Light Infantry (WLI) and federal Naval Reserves, ordered to quell the riot, became involved with the rioters using rapid-fire weapons and killing several black men in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Both black and white residents later appealed for help after the coup to President William McKinley, but his administration did not respond, as Governor Russell had not requested aid. After the riot, more than 2,100 blacks left the city permanently, having to abandon their businesses and properties, resulting in the formerly black-majority city becoming white-majority. Among those who left were Alex and Frank G. Manly, brothers who had owned the Daily Record.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilmington_insurrection_of_1898 

What does this say about Democrats?

So hearing of a top Democrat politician’s son being arrested for rioting is just more of the same old thing for Democrats.

Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, and four others were arrested on suspicion of second-degree riot after the “March 4 Trump” rally in St. Paul; a sixth person was cited for disorderly conduct. Rioters clashed with Trump supporters in the Capitol rotunda after they attempted to disrupt the proceedings with air horns, whistles and chants. At one point, someone set off a smoke bomb.

Linwood Kaine, a Carleton College graduate who lives in Minneapolis and goes by “Woody,” was released from the Ramsey County jail on Tuesday morning pending further investigation, law enforcement officials said.

Here is a video of the rioting.  It is hard to figure who is who in the riot.  This riot is mild by Democrat standards often they murder people and burn down homes.






  1. He is preparing for his run for congress with the theme of “I am just like you”!!


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