Video: Frank Luntz Focus Group On Trump/Clinton Debate

Video: Frank Luntz Focus Group On Trump/Clinton Debate

This focus group has been talked about a lot, so we are providing the video.

A group of undecided voters in a focus group conducted by CBS News contributor and Republican pollster Frank Luntz weighs in on the first presidential debate. The focus group is made up more than 20 undecided voters in the city of Philadelphia, Pa.

I have heard similar comments from Trump supporters.  One told me that he was yelling at the TV for Trump to stop talking about the things Clinton wanted him to talk about, like Trump’s refusal to release his taxes and the Obama’s birth certificate issue.   The Trump supporter wanted him to talk about Benghazi, the Clinton emails and more about the 30 years of her not solving problems in politics.  Note: A fact check on that would be Hillary actually has been a high level political operator for over 40 years.

The first 15 minutes went well for Trump, then Clinton got him on her desired topics mostly.  How? It looked pre-planned, the Clinton people appeared to have a plan to do this by understanding Trump psychologically and the thin skinned vulnerability.   Luntz tweeted during the debate that Hillary was baiting him and Trump could not resist.   The Trump leaners in the focus group said the same thing.






  1. Frank Luntz is a putz and his panels are always more progressive than conservative.


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