Video: Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Donald Trump’s “Linguistic Kill Shots”, How Trump University Got Students?

Video: Dilbert Creator Scott Adams on Donald Trump’s “Linguistic Kill Shots”, How Trump University Got Students?

Scott Adams expects Trump to win the presidency because he is so skillful using words.  His video below indicates that Trump uses hypnotism to a degree, and Adams is a hypnotist.

I as someone that has been the CEO of several companies, including one that was publically traded, have run into an amazing number of con men and board room politicians.  This experience has shown me that the people with the greatest persuasion ability are the ones most likely to harm others. 

Also something that has mystified me for years is that when many people find out a con man is a con man and a liar, and they admit that is the case, they still continue to do what the con man asks them. Even investing money with the con man again!  When I have asked the person why they are investing in someone they know is a con man, the answer is usually “well” followed by an irrational excuse.  The con man is able to control that person even though they know he is a con man.   Others see through con men or at least only get fooled once.

Edward Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s father in law, is an example of repeating folly.  He fell for Nigerian Scam after Nigerian Scam until he started stealing from others to pay for the scams and then ended up in prison. 


Here is the Reason Magazine video where the Dilbert creator explains Trump’s techniques:


You can see Trump uses these techniques in his Trump University pitch below.  Notice he says that people will not succeed unless they pay Trump money,  you “are not going to make it”.

Since then about 30% of the people that paid ended up demanding and getting their money back because they felt the classes were worthless and another 30% or so have sued Trump for fraud over Trump University, saying in effect it was a scam. 


Trump University received a D- rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Below Trump claims it was an A, but the BBB has recently cleared the air publicly about this and said it was indeed a D-.  

  1. Trump would not let this go to court if he didn’t think he could beat this case. The students liked the school. There are even students that made video report cards on the “University. Where is the report on that in your article?! And by the way I never went to a University in a hotel ballroom over 3 days. The story is a phony one.


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