Look At Tremendous Video Of Trump’s Way Of Speech, Is It A Problem?

Look At Tremendous Video Of Trump’s Way Of Speech, Is It A Problem?

This video is a fascinating word study of how Trump speaks, and over 3,000,000 have watched it.  Look at the title. The title of this article mimics Trump’s use of words. It starts with “Look” and uses one syllable words as much as possible and ends with “Problem”. It is a sales technique.

The below video points out that Trump speaks at a 4th Grade level, the lowest of all the candidates even when there were 15 of them.

I agree with the video except in one regard, it says that Trump’s way of answering a question does not indicate intelligence or knowledge. Disagree,  it took me 45 seconds to come up with the title, figuring out how to start with “Look”, use 1 syllable words and end with “Problem”.  Trump does this on the fly as you will see in the video with Jimmy Kimmel, it takes him maybe 1 second to do the same.

This indicates intelligence by Trump.  It is a known technique in advertising to target about a 7th Grade level of intelligence and knowledge to get maximum results.  He has taken this to the extreme, a 4th Grade level.

Whereas it indicates intelligence it also indicates manipulation by Trump is his primary method.  Ben Carson says there are two Trump’s, the public one he dislikes and the private one he likes.   That is likely because he has only seen two of them.  There could be 5 or more Trump’s.  Trump is a master people manipulator.

We believe you will find the following worth viewing.

  1. With so much of America either low educated or flat out uneducated, 4th grade level of speech is OK with me. The establishment politicians do the same thing only they sell fear and being saved by government.


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