Jonathon Moseley: Ted Cruz Is Natural Born USA Citizen

Jonathon Moseley: Ted Cruz Is Natural Born USA Citizen

Jonathon Moseley feels that Ted Cruz’s lawyers are not handling this issue properly.  Below is his solution.

First his background is:  Worked and volunteered in political campaigns since 1984, including serving as Campaign Manager in 2008 for Christine O’Donnell’s nomination contest running against Joe Biden for U.S. Senate. Moseley studied Physics at Hampshire College, earned a degree in Finance from the University of Florida and a law degree from George Mason University in Virginia. He works as an attorney for   Freedom Watch.

We are providing this space to Moseley at no cost.


Here’s the proposal: Have an attorney write a legal “friend of the court” brief (Amicus Curiae brief) to show that Ted Cruz is eligible to be President (or even Vice President if it comes to that).

Imagine in the next couple weeks a liberal judge issues a ruling that Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President. Even if it gets corrected later by an appeal or other courts, the damage will be done. It will be disastrous for Ted Cruz’s campaign… including the possibility of being Vice President. I don’t trust the self-important law firms to do it right.

Anyone can file a “friend of the court brief” if the court finds it helpful and informative and the judge decides to accepts it. There are about 6 lawsuits already pending against Cruz. So — if it is well-written, and the request is written properly — the judge will read it and accept it. It will have to be done very fast. It will have to be done well. And additional attorneys will need to review it.

And that means this attorney putting paying work on hold, with a mortgage to pay. If people want to donate, I will know I should interrupt my paying work to do this. If people don’t donate, no worries, I will just keep doing my normal work.

TED CRUZ IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, eligible to be President, and the most loyal of all the Republican presidential candidates. Ted Cruz has defied the special interests, defied the establishment, defied the crony capitalists, , defied the lobbyists and blocked their agendas. Other candidates ARE special interests unto themselves.

Watch this video by Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett on C-SPAN:…

But through smears and lies, Ted Cruz is losing votes in the Republican primary campaign for President. An energetic group of haters keeps spreading the falsehood that Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President. Doubts and uncertainty among voters who don’t know the legal complexities appear to be pulling Ted Cruz down.

TED CRUZ DIDN’T TAKE CARE OF THIS IN 2011 when it first came up. When Cruz’s lawyers say “We got this” THEY DON’T GOT THIS. They would not have let this simmer from 2011 until the middle of the primary season if they “got this.” They don’t got this. They are not handling this well.

Ted Cruz’s lawyers have allowed his opponents to pick WHICH potentially UNFRIENDLY JUDGE to bring lawsuits in front of. Instead of Cruz going in front of a court that he trusts, he has allowed his enemies to pick which judge to bring the case in front of. Sorry, but that does not look like “we got this.”

Ted Cruz is more Ronald Reagan than Ronald Reagan. My old tuna fish sandwich from last week could defeat Hillary Clinton in the November general election. Ted Cruz is the best choice for President since Abraham Lincoln. We can’t take chances. This is the future of our country. This is your future. Your children’s future. This is my future. This isn’t about the politicians. This is about US and OUR future.

There are already many lawsuits that have been filed and are now waiting a decision asking that Ted Cruz be taken off the ballot in those States. Activists have filed lawsuits in Texas, Florida, Illinois, Utah, and New York claiming that Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen and cannot be President. They are asking that Ted Cruz be taken off the ballot in their State.

As a lawyer in Virginia, I have studied this question in detail. I previously worked at Judicial Watch. I previously filed a lawsuit questioning why Newt Gingrich was not on the Virginia GOP presidential ballot in 2012. I wrote an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in the lawsuit against Obama’s executive order amnesty for illegal aliens Texas v. United Statesand wrote much of the lawsuit by Sheriff Joe Arpaio against Obama’s executive order amnesty.

There is a very aggressive social media and grassroots campaign to smear Ted Cruz as not eligible to run for President. The activists are extreme in their intensity and viciousness. As a result, they sound very convincing. It takes some effort and legal knowledge to see how their arguments are silly.

This issue could confuse judges because the anti-Cruz activists keep coming up with so many elaborate theories. But their theories have no grounding in American constitutional law.

Imagine news that a judge has ruled that Ted Cruz isn’t eligible to be President. How would that affect the campaign? Therefore, we need a legal brief both to make sure that some liberal-leaning judge does not make a bad decision. Even if it gets straightened out later, a negative court ruling by a judge in the short-run could really hurt Ted Cruz.

A “friend of the court” brief can be filed in all of them. The key errors in the attacks on Ted Cruz can be pointed out in the same legal brief in many States, even though a normal brief has to address the particular details and procedures in each State.

Also, the same brief can be shared with the public to explain how all the nonsense is untrue.

But to write such a legal brief, along with the motions needed to have it considered by each court, and to get it filed in all the different courts, I would need to take time off from my work, perform legal research, assemble exhibits, have paralegal formatting and proofreading, and go through the amicus curiae procedures in each court.

So to take time away from other work and incur expenses, a budget of at least $3,000 would be needed. I just changed jobs, I just have to be working on getting new clients instead of DOING THIS. And I have debts and a mortgage to pay off. So I can’t spend the time on this without finding a course of funding. I have asked three pro-Cruz super-PACs, but they are hard to contact.

Could you help? I am hoping for 60 people who could help out with a donation of an average contribution of $50 each or maybe 300 people to give $10 each.

I have been a lawyer licensed in Virginia since 1997. I went to George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Virginia, along with Ken Cuccinelli, later Attorney General of Virginia. I am experienced in the federal courts. I have appeared pro hac vice in California courts and Texas courts. I now live in Woodbridge, Virginia near Lake Ridge.

I was Christine O’Donnell’s campaign manager in 2008 (not 2010) against Joe Biden for her first full campaign for U.S. Senate from Delaware. I worked for Christine O’Donnell after her 2010 US Senate campaign to defeat an attempt to bring criminal charges against her by a Joe Biden donor who leads the corrupt organization CREW.

I was a co-host for several years of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show on WNJC 1360 AM near Philadelphia (I stopped temporarily only for lack of time). I am a member of the Northern Virginia Tea Party and 9/12 Fairfax Tea Party Patriots. Read More:


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