Swann Reality Check Video: Is Obama Sincere About Gun Crime? Were They Fake Tears? Video Indicates No Tears

Swann Reality Check Video: Is Obama Sincere About Gun Crime? Were They Fake Tears? Video Indicates No Tears

Ben Swann, now with CBS, has put out a video about how Obama’s Justice Department only prosecutes 1% of the people caught committing current federal gun crimes in Chicago and has reduced federal efforts to combat gun crime while in office.  So in action Obama does not appear to be concerned about gun violence, yet seems to want people to think he is.

Ben says Obama is emotional about this subject, yet Obama’s actions indicate otherwise.  We are less trusting than Ben on that, as faking tears is quite easy to do and politicians have been caught doing it.

We have four videos, first Ben Swann’s video with the facts and Obama at least pretending to wipe tears away.  The photo you see above of Obama from the video a fraction of a second before he makes a motion as if he is wiping tears away, but as you can see there are no tears below his left eye (your right), the one he wipes.


After eye wiping there does appear to be some tears, but not when Obama started wiping his eyes. You can prove this to yourself by playing the video.  In general the public and press is way too trusting of politicians in situations where they have a motive to fake emotions.  Looking at the video it appears Obama had trouble getting tears and after a very long delay gave up and started wiping away non-existent tears before tears came.

Our second video is a trailer from the 2015 movie “Our Brand Is Crisis” with Sandra Bullock as a campaign manager coaching her candidate to fake tears on TV then celebrating when it works to manipulate voters.  The movie is based on a true story of real election in Bolivia that hired an American to run the campaign.

Is it hard to fake tears?  Not at all, it is done likely over 100 times a week in Hollywood for movies, in training and for auditions.  This acting coach shows you how to do convincingly create tears by recalling something unrelated to the scene that really does tear you up.  I tried it, sure enough it works first try. Here is the video:

Finally maybe the most famous fake tears were by Bill Clinton after the burial service of Ron Brown.  He has referred to Brown as his best friend, yet was very happy and laughing after the burial until he noticed a camera was possibly filming him. Clinton immediately tried to act sad and pretended to wipe tears away.  This may be related to the fact that the majority of military doctors that examined Brown’s body after the plane crash found a .45″ perfectly circular hole at the very top of his skull which they thought was a bullet hole and wanted to autopsy him. The Clinton White House said no autopsy bury him quickly.


Clinton has been a suspect ever since as involved some way with the potential murder of Brown.


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