The Link Between Mob Rule And Who The Party Nominees For President Are, By Mike Oliver

The Link Between Mob Rule And Who The Party Nominees For President Are, By Mike Oliver

First we will introduce the author of this opinion piece, Mike Oliver, a friend of AUN-TV. He has a unique life story to understand mob rule as a survivor of both Stalin and Hitler as a Lithuanian Jew when he was a teenager.

This video interview on how he survived is worth viewing before you read his article:


By Mike Oliver:  We are concerned about the fact that there are people in this country  who are determined to do away with our rule of law.  For instance, we note that agitators of the Black Lives Matter movement warned that  the acquittal of a policeman charged with a crime against a black person will cause a new eruption of riots in Baltimore as well as in countless other US cities.

Some of the same people are equally determined to create extended national riots if the person elected to become our next president is not to their liking. These pro riot people generally are also pro Democrat. This is a  fact we must consider. Reality, not wishes, must be faced.

Thus, I advise Americans to vote for Dr. Benjamin Carson in the primaries and during the Republican Convention to become the candidate for the US Presidency, as doing so can help prevent riots before the election.

Carson is an honest man, committed to maintain the rule of law, reestablish free enterprise and vanquish the external as well as internal terrorists who threaten country and  the  very existence of its people.

Leaders who seek our downfall  will have a hard time convincing black people to engage in extensive riots  to prevent Carson from becoming our next President, in favor of Mrs. Clinton, who is white.

Dr. Carson  will surround himself with capable people who will help him restore, security,  dignity and prosperity within our land.

There is another point we wish to make: African Americans have been promised the sky by Obama and his helpers, but their condition has worsened under his rule.  Many years ago, Jack Kemp,  introduced an idea which can really help them. It has been highly successful in Singapore and, during previous years, even in our own US. On a small scale it has little effect on the wealth of average individuals, but if greatly expanded  and actually applied, it will bring true prosperity not only in black communities, but in other parts of the US as well.

It is a fact that Singapore, a country with a greatly diverse population which, in the past, suffered from a high  crime rate and extreme poverty, was turned into one of the wealthiest countries on earth. Singapore has an extremely low rate of unemployment, provides good paying jobs for its people along with good housing and excellent education and medical services. If one wonders how this was done, the answer is simple: Singapore has been turned into one of the most free places on earth to do business and to manufacture goods. Singapore was turned  into one of the best places on earth for free enterprise.

It works in large countries as well.  We abhor China’s leaders, but after Mao’s socialism and great leap forward caused 40 million people to starve to death, some of them travelled to Singapore, marveled at its success, adapted some of its free enterprise features and dumped basic socialism/Marxism. Their leader,  Deng, explained why he made the change, that regardless of its  type, a cat is a good cat  if it catches mice. Artfully implying that Marxism was a failure without saying it literally.

So, if you wonder how China so quickly became an economic super power and, compared to the past,  so greatly enhanced the well being of its people, here is your answer.  We add that, China’s leaders could have done even more  for their people, if they permitted much greater freedom to them.

We hope this message will be spread to all parts of this country.  Failure to do this may mark the end of this imperfect, yet great nation.

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