Historic: US Military Under Obama To Put Women Into Front Line Combat, No Exceptions

Historic: US Military Under Obama To Put Women Into Front Line Combat, No Exceptions

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Tuesday announced its schedule for integrating women into front-line combat by 2016.

Those timelines followed the decision in January by then-Defense secretary Leon Panetta to open 237,000 military jobs off-limits to women. Those include infantry, armor and special operations. There are about 1.4 million members of the active-duty military, about 14% of them women.

The Pentagon is developing gender-neutral tests that men and women must pass to qualify for combat roles. The Army, for example, plans to open jobs in sequence, starting with engineers in 2014 and applying the lessons it learns in that branch to armor and infantry units in 2015. Those two branches account for more than 90,000 jobs, the largest share of combat roles closed to women.

“I remain confident that we will retain the trust and confidence of the American people by opening positions to women, while ensuring that all members entering these newly opened positions can meet the standards required to maintain our war-fighting capability,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel wrote in a memo to service secretaries and chiefs.

Women already serve in combat roles, flying warplanes, for example. Since the start of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, 292,000 women have served in war zones out of a total of almost 2.5 million, Pentagon records show. In both wars, at least 152 women have died from combat or non-combat causes, and more than 950 have been wounded in action.

The Marine Corps already has developed five gender-neutral physical tests that 400 men and women will take this year. They include lifting and handling a simulated tank round and scaling a wall, said Col. Jon Aytes, of the Marine Corps policy branch.Read More: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/06/18/women-expected-on-front-lines-by-2016/2434911/


This conflicts with the obvious truth about the differences between men and women.  There is not call to have golf, tennis, track and field, etc. to pit men against women because it would ruin sports for women.   The current world record for bench press for men is  738lbs, Kirill Sarychev, Russia 11/22/15 WRPF.  For women it is  440lbs, April Mathis 02/07/14 RUPC USA.  For average men and women, not pro lifters the difference is likely greater.

In terms of winning wars what does America have to gain by this feminization of our combat forces?

Reports show that a woman in the military is three times more likely than a woman in the general population to be raped,[39] and in Iraq are more likely to be attacked by one of their own than an insurgent.  This was figured out thousands of years ago, hence why woman as professional combat soldiers has never been the norm.


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