Trump, Carson, Fiorina ‘Faux’ Outsiders?’

Trump, Carson, Fiorina ‘Faux’ Outsiders?’

Are true conservatives doomed to be without representation in U.S. politics?

By Alan Keyes


When Soviet citizens voted in elections under the Communist Party dictatorship, even if every vote was counted, all the votes counted for nothing. This was so because the only choices available were those dictated by the Communist Party.

Thus, when it comes to achieving representative government – the goal of America’s founders – ritualistic engagement in the voting process is worse than insufficient. Citizenship is about working to make sure the electoral process involves real choices, lifted up by citizens themselves, not party dictators. Many Americans today feel that the present so-called two-party system is a sham. An elitist clique is using its money and media power to make sure that voters are prevented from rallying behind people who actually represent them, i.e., people who sincerely articulate and have actually worked side by side with them to stand for and do what those voters conscientiously conclude is right, just, and for the common good of the nation.

I first experienced the reality of this intended exclusion during the GOP primary season in 1996 when I was not only excluded from a Republican debate in Atlanta, Georgia, I was arrested and shunted about the city in a police vehicle, without charge or due process of any kind, then released into the night after the debate concluded. This treatment caused considerable outrage among grass-roots people of goodwill. I think that was why, during the 2000 election cycle, I was allowed to participate in all the GOP debates. As I recall, there is evidence to show that I won a number of them, according to viewer polls and focus groups. Yet that fact was pretty thoroughly suppressed by the elitist faction media. When I came in third in the Iowa caucuses, that fact was also suppressed.

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