North Korea threatens the US with nuclear attack

North Korea threatens the US with nuclear attack

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has threatened the United States with nuclear armageddon after Pyongyang resumed production of atomic bomb fuel in its top secret laboratory.

The director of North Korea’s Atomic Energy Institute said the country was ready to counter any US hostility with ‘nuclear weapons any time’.

He said scientists had ‘made innovations day by day’ to ‘guarantee the reliability of the nuclear deterrent… as required by the prevailing situation’.

He said: ‘In the meantime, the US anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK that forced it to have access to the nuclear weapons has remained utterly unchanged and instead it has become all the more undisguised and vicious with the adoption of means openly seeking the downfall of the latter’s social system.’

The chilling declaration comes comes a day after Pyongyang said it is ready to launch satellites aboard long-range rockets to mark a key national anniversary next month.

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