Venezuela Collapsing, Food And Medical Care In Shambles, Marxism Fails Again

Venezuela Collapsing, Food And Medical Care In Shambles, Marxism Fails Again

The socialist “dream” of Venezuela is collapsing beyond belief.  The country has a police state presence that resembles martial law with almost one person dying each day from police; basic goods and necessities are difficult to find, inflation is almost hyper inflationary, and as will be shown in this article, the hospitals are literally falling apart with some scenes reminiscent of the very first episode of The Walking Dead. 

One way this effects America is that several in the Obama Administration have publicly said they admire and want to copy the Marxist Dictatorship model of Venezuela,  to America.  

Some people in Venezuela deserve this as they voted for the disaster, but many innocent people are suffering. 

First, let’s take a look at a Venezuela grocery store:


 Hospital are no better:


And here is what one of Obama’s key advisers Mark Lloyd of the FCC has to say about how wonderful he sees the Marxist Dictatorship in Venezuela:

While the average citizens lives in poverty now, the Marxist overlords are probably living high.  The most extreme examples of income inequality in the world happen in Marxist countries like North Korea and Cuba.

Venezuelans have to resort to dog medicines to save their lives.

Friday August 07, 2015  04:08 PM

Prednisone and Cellcept, immunosuppressive drugs to avoid rejection of transplanted organs, disappeared from Venezuelan public and private pharmacies since early July, patients told AFP.

Consequently, hundreds of patients are faced with a critical situation: their treatment cannot be interrupted not even for a day, as they could lose the kidney or liver for which they waited for years.

“When (human) prednisone ran out, everybody started to look for the canine drug,” reported the President of the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation (Fefarven), Freddy Ceballos.

The government refuses to air shortages numbers since February 2014 and denies lack of prednisone, arguing that a shipment of 1.2 million tablets arrived from Cuba in July. However, the authorities admitted that two other drugs for transplanted patients are currently under importation process.

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