Homosexual couple in TN burned down their own house for the insurance payout then called it a hate crime

Carol Ann and Laura Jean Stutte’s house in Venore, Tennessee, burnt down in September 2010.  They blamed the neighbor for doing it as “hate crime”.

  • ‘Queers’ was sprayed on their garage and they claimed it was a hate crime 
  • Insurers accused them of an elaborate hoax to get the $276,000 payout
  • A court ruled they sprayed the abuse and burned their own house down 

But neighbor Millsaps was never charged, despite a probe by the FBI and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

And the court has now ruled that it was an elaborate lie after the insurance company concluded their own probe, which included a polygraph test on Millsaps.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3186742/Shameless-lesbian-couple-burned-house-insurance-payout-called-hate-crime-blamed-neighbour.html#ixzz3iq32n4PX

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