We Are Surrounded

We Are Surrounded

We are witnessing the slow (and not so slow) takeover of America.

Take, for example, Obamacare: The power-addicted understood that immediate takeover of healthcare – the most pivotal part of your life – in one fell swoop would be met with massive political resistance. Instead, one step at a time, that method of sneak-up causes ripples of protest, but not enough to cause a focused popular backlash.
Let’s say you need a prescription to deal with an ailment that used to be dealt with quickly and effectively. But under Obamacare, the government – not your doctor, may have decided you don’t really need the pain pills
The threat to the grid (again)
“lights out” – and also dead automobile and truck ignitions, non-operating refrigerators, escalators, stoves, elevators, trains, planes – everything that depends on the grid. Expert analysts have estimated that if such a calamity were to happen, that if the grid were to be disabled, the overwhelming majority of us in America would be dead within a year.
In a frightening article appearing in Friday’s Wall Street Journal, Admiral Henry Cooper, who directed the Strategic Defense initiative and Vincent Pry who served on the EMP Commission, warn that this nation is in danger of being hit by a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack from “the bad actors of the world,” i.e., North Korea or Iran.
Street violence: Widely coordinated?
Fox News came up with an interesting exclusive that got precious little mention in many other places: Katherine Herridge produced a social media analysis that unearthed striking connections between the violence of Baltimore in recent days to the violence in Ferguson, Mo., last summer.
Herridge found that “a data mining firm”, found between 20 and 50 social media accounts in Baltimore that were also tied to the peak period of violence in Ferguson.
The Washington Times at about the same time reported that someone sent a text urging people to “kill all white people” in reaction to the death of a black man that set off the Baltimore riots. Similar unlovely notes urged the killing of American citizens in America.
The discovery that some social media accounts were tied to cities 825 miles apart was described by Fox News as “surprising.”
Talk show host Michael Savage, for example, is among those expressing doubts that the riots such as those in Ferguson and Baltimore just materialize “out of thin air.”
Bottom line: Is this yet one more indication that violence in America is organized by our enemies, perhaps using the old Cloward & Piven strategy for violent unrest? “Bottom up, top down.” Targeting America: Internationally coordinated
Free speech
The recent vote by the Obama administration’s FCC to regulate the internet is further proof, warns Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R.-Tenn.) that the Obama administration will stop at nothing in the effort to control the internet.
The control Mrs. Blackburn fears actually translates into an attempted permanent “takeover.” That means the administration will ultimately decide which internet providers’ content “goes first, second, third or NOT AT ALL (bold type in the lawmaker’s original statement).”
Not here! Not in my America!”
Only a whisper?
The signs of fear are all around us. Why don’t more of us say that out loud? Are the scared rabbits in the political opposition afraid of scaring the horses or unleashing administration enforcers? No wonder Obama thinks he can get away with creating a one-party state.
•The IRS is still targeting the Tea Party.
•Judicial Watch; a first-rate citizen investigative operation, reports that ISIS, an Islamist terrorist threat that – by reliable reports – dwarfs all others, is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, one report says that the location is about 8 miles from the border not far from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, one of the most dangerous cities in the Western Hemisphere.
•Coyotes have engaged in human smuggling to help move ISIS terrorists through the desert and across the Mexico/U.S. border between Santa Teresa and Sunland, New Mexico in the U.S.
•FBI Director Jim Comey says investigations into ISIS sympathizers are underway in all 50 states.
Now the ultimate
After Hillary Clinton has been elected President next year, the Hate America Left will consider itself having gained control of our thinking and assumptions, we’ll be “ripe for the kill.”
That is when George Soros’s wrecking crew is planning for a “second constitutional convention.” It’s all laid out in a plan and book 2020, when they hope to gather to “revise” (i.e., kill) the Constitution that has protected our liberties down through the years.
They are at the gates. We had better prepare to fight back.

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