Netanyahu Warns: Foreign Plot To Defeat Him

Netanyahu Warns: Foreign Plot To Defeat Him

Netanyahu Warns: Foreign Plot To Defeat Him

 TEL AVIV – In an interview with Hebrew media over the weekend that received no English-language news media attention, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of what he called a foreign-funded election plot to mobilize Israeli Arab voters in a bid to replace him at next week’s polls.

WND exposed the purported scheme last month in an article documenting a State Department-financed nonprofit based in Israel is currently engaged in a major effort to get young Arab citizens to the voting booths in the upcoming Israeli elections.

Israeli election trends have long demonstrated that Arab citizen’s vote overwhelmingly for left-wing and Arab parties. Any increase in the Arab vote would clearly come at the expense of the Likud Party and other right-wing parties.

In an interview over the weekend with the Israel Hayom newspaper, which is financed by U.S. billionaire Sheldon Adelson, Netanyahu spoke of “tens of millions of shekels from abroad” aiding in an effort to mobilize Israeli Arabs to vote.

“There is a coalition of both open and secret factors which aims to bring down the Likud government and replace it with a leftist government,” the prime minister stated.

“I’m talking about very large forces … tens of millions of shekels from abroad, consultants and others, to do two things: to mobilize left-wing voters at the ballot box on a much larger scale, and to bring a massive mobilization of Israeli Arabs to the polls. This is a well-financed scheme that can lead to the number of Arab mandates coming to 16 and this can decide the election.”

Now, for the first time, four Arab political parties here have united under one banner, calling themselves the Joint List.

Polling is showing the Joint Arab List could potentially gain at least 12 seats in Israel’s 120 seat parliaments, finishing third and potentially becoming a major force in coalition building to form a new government that consists of a plurality of the Knesset.

If Israel’s leftist parties fair well, they could form a coalition with the Arab parties and replace Netanyahu’s governing coalition.

Another U.S.-backed scheme to defeat Netanyahu exposed

As WND reported last month, the U.S. has not been standing on the sidelines when it comes to mobilizing the all-important Arab vote.

In an interview with WND, Amnon Beeri-Sulitzeanu, co-executive director of the Abraham Fund, maintained that his group’s voter participation activities are entirely nonpartisan and that his organization does not endorse any political party.

The Abraham Fund works to encourage Arab participation in the Israeli economic, cultural and civic arenas. Its slogan is: “Building a shared future for Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens.”

 In 2010, the State Department provided the Abraham Fund a $999,715 three-year grant for an education initiative in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Education. Another part of the grant was designated to a project with the Israeli security services aimed at fostering closer Arab-Jewish ties.



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