Internet Taken Down In Three States, Was It Russian Spetsnaz, Terrorists, Retaliation? Is Cover-up Going On?

Internet Taken Down In Three States, Was It Russian Spetsnaz, Terrorists, Retaliation? Is Cover-up Going On?

At approximately noon on February 25, 2015, the Internet went down in a wide swath ranging from just north of Phoenix stretching to Flagstaff, Arizona. Internet service was restored the following day around 1pm local time.

The very first reports I received about the outage, coming out of Wickenburg and Prescott, was that the ISP from Century Link went down because a car crashed into a transformer. Shortly after that, reports stated that a construction crew hit a power line causing Internet service to go down.

From the Phoenix media, we now know that this was the work of “vandals” who discovered where cables, buried several feet underground, were located in the midst of rough terrain. These “vandals” subsequently cut through the Internet cables which were inches to a foot thick and this was the cause of this massive outage. The event had a crippling effect on local communities from central to northern Arizona.

◾911 service and the communications of first responders were taken down.

◾Point of sale debit/credit card transactions could not be initiated due to the outage.

◾ATM’s did not work.

◾Banks were not able to access their computers and were forced to issue paper receipts for any deposit.

◾All cell phone providers were inoperable except for Verizon Wireless.

◾Most cable companies were not able to carry programming (e.g. Phoenix TV stations) due to the takedown of live streaming.

The same was also true for many radio stations. Yet, the national coverage afforded to this major event was negligible as I discovered after calling friends and colleagues from across the country to gauge their reaction. As of yesterday afternoon, most people had not heard about this event. I am not surprised as similar events transpired in both Florida and Oklahoma, AT THE SAME TIME Whatever hit Arizona on February 25th, also hit two other states at about the same time.

This was a well-coordinated attack. The Key Word of the Day Is “Vandals” The media has been very uniform in describing this act as the work of “vandals”.

◾Independent Channel 3 “vandals”.

◾Phoenix CBS Channel 5 “vandals”.

◾Phoenix Fox News, Channel 10, of “vandals”.

◾Phoenix NBC, Channel 12, “vandals”.

◾Phoenix ABC, Channel 15, “vandals”.

◾Even the BBC and Russia Today used the word “vandals”.

For those of us that have covered events such as this, we can often smell a cover-up when we see the repetitive use of a key word or phrase. In this case, the key word is “vandals”. As I investigated further, it became clear that this was a well-coordinated and well planned attack by persons with expertise related to the attack. Further, whomever did this had to have had specialized equipment to cut through these cables. The simple act of just finding where these cables also required specialized knowledge.

cables cut

cables cut

This was also an “in-and-out-job” which left no clues and no traces. Amateurish “vandals” with nothing better to do did not take down the Internet in the manner described. That is also the opinion of several of my contacts who would be, or would have tasked with assisting in the investigation and the restoration of service.

Who’s Is Responsible? Fifteen months ago, I reported that, against all common sense, the Russians were being allowed to participate in the highly secure and classified Grid Ex II drills in November of 2013. Since this was the period of time that President Obama was attempting to justify the invasion of Syria, and Putin was threatening nuclear retaliation for doing so, I was among those who questioned the logic of allowing the Russians to learn the intricacies of power grid organization.

Let’s not forget that when was Janet Napolitano was leaving DHS she warned that attack upon the grid was not a matter of if, but when. Napolitano did not issue this warning once, but twice before leaving DHS. “A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster, the likes of which the nation has never seen is also likely and on its way.” Outgoing DHS Director, Janet Napolitano, August 27, 2013.

Connecting the Dots We are witnessing the introduction of the “Red List” strategy. What happened in Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma was a martial law preparation beta test designed to simultaneously take down communications. Further, the crash of the ATM’s and point of sale transactions limits one’s ability to go on the run.

We know from surveys done by various organizations (29 Palms military base) that American troops cannot be counted on to fire upon American citizens. Therefore, the Army manuals pertaining to FEMA camps call for the use of foreign assets. This would be the Russian troops that I have repeatedly reported are in the US training on American soil for martial law implementation. Why do you think they were allowed to participate in the Grid Ex II war games? Conclusion What happened over a three state region was not the actions of “vandals”.

This was a highly coordinated and sophisticated attack upon certain aspects of our grid designed to take down communications and commerce. I suspect that Russian Spetsnaz were the boots on the ground for this beta test in preparation for martial law. The only question which truly remains is how far away are we from complete implementation of this operation?

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