GOP Treachery: Who Are The Losers, Really?

GOP Treachery: Who Are The Losers, Really?

GOP treachery: who are the losers, really?

This week, I read a WND article reporting Phyllis Schlafly’s response to the latest in an almost unbroken line of betrayals by the GOP’s quisling leaders in Congress. The headline reads “Schlafly’s had it: We’re tired of GOP’s losers!”

But it’s the conservative voters who are the real losers: the ones who made up the majorities that gave the GOP control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and 2012, and that, in 2014, added control of the U.S. Senate as well. It’s Phyllis Schlafly and other lifelong, dedicated conservative leaders like her who are unfortunately the losers, as they live to see the decent liberty they fought to conserve crushed by the juggernaut of advancing government control and domination.

Above all, it’s America’s Constitution, its liberty, and the unalienable rights of the people of the United States that are the losers, as Obama and his quisling collaborators in the GOP relentlessly push the elitist faction’s campaign to overthrow America’s constitutional republic, replacing it with a de facto dictatorship of, by, and for the powerful, elitist few.

From the perspective of their true agenda, the forces now dominant in the GOP haven’t suffered a single defeat since the 1980 presidential election. Thanks to the conservative façade erected for them by the elder George Bush’s patient willingness to play second fiddle during the Reagan era, they were able to exploit the conservative voter base of the GOP (which Reagan consolidated and expanded) so that the heirs of the leftist Rockefeller Republicans could win electoral victories they would otherwise never have been able to achieve

Mitch McConnel

Mitch McConnel

Before the Reagan era, these leftist Republicans accepted the label of “moderates” in an unsuccessful effort to distinguish themselves from their more overtly socialist counterparts among the Democrats. But behind the false badge of conservatism George Bush senior obtained from his years as Reagan’s understudy, they were able to identify themselves as conservatives. This gave them credibility with conservative voters whose views they actually despised, and the opportunity to raise up new voters for whom the conservative label was a hollow partisan identifier, used interchangeably with “Republican” or “GOP.” Thus the GOP’s leftist quislings dissolved the understanding that cemented the GOP to its Reagan-era conservative base.

Openly fraudulent repression of the electorate’s will (such as Thad Cochran’s victory in the 2014 Mississippi primary), is the closest thing to failure the elitist faction has suffered in what has otherwise been its spectacularly successful move to hijack America’s electoral process.

By Alan Keyes

  1. Didn’t like my response eh?

  2. Everybody is a looser because the US is a corporation and so is “The State of Nevada”.
    US CODE: Title 28,3002. Definitions (archived here)
    (15) “United States” means —
    (A) a Federal corporation;
    (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
    (C) an instrumentality of the United States.

    NRS 43.080 “Municipality” defined. “Municipality” means the State of Nevada, or any corporation, instrumentality or other agency thereof, or any incorporated city, any unincorporated town, or any county, school district, conservancy district, drainage district, irrigation district, general improvement district, other corporate district constituting a political subdivision of this State, housing authority, urban renewal authority, other type of authority, the Nevada System of Higher Education, the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada, or any other body corporate and politic of the State of Nevada, but excluding the Federal Government. (Added to NRS by 1969, 135; A 1983, 111; 1987, 1717; 1993, 362; 2005, 362)

    Get it?


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