Eileen And The Prayer of Faith, Man Healed of Cancer and Diabetes by Prayer in Less Than One Week

Eileen And The Prayer of Faith, Man Healed of Cancer and Diabetes by Prayer in Less Than One Week

Can someone by healed of cancer and diabetes through prayer and walk out of the hospital the day his doctors predicted he would die?  Do Miracles Happen Today?  Yes.  I know the couple that wrote the account you will read below.

In regard to being healed of diabetes, know of two others, the first is someone who worked with.  He had just got it and radically altered his diet on doctors orders and was healed of diabetes.  He is a Christian and likely prayed about it too.

The other person suspected diabetes due to symptoms and fact both sides of his family were very prone to diabetes, about 50% of his family on both sides develop it as adults.  So he did a Hb1AC test and got a 6.8, officially a borderline diabetic.  

Then the classic symptoms of diabetes got worst.  He went into denial about it for almost two years.  Then he prayed earnestly for a miracle healing in the name of Jesus. Diabetes is acknowledged as incurable.   Shortly thereafter he had a dinner with a type 1 diabetic, who did a blood test afterwards.   He asked to use the device too, informing her of type 2 he had.  She said the reading was excellent, not that of a diabetic.

So he wondered if he had been healed, borrowed an extra test unit she had and tested for a day.  The results were very normal, non-diabetic. So then he tried to drive up the blood sugar levels as much as possible, gorging on sugar and carbohydrates for two days, gaining four pounds. The blood sugar levels never became too high!

So then he took the same Hb1AC test from the same company and it came out at 5.4, perfect, on April 10, 2012.  He was healed of diabetes.   He was of course thrilled and thankful to the Lord.  But even some Christians he told about this would not believe it, they tried to make excuses to explain it that excluded God.  That man is still healed of diabetes and is myself.


The below true story by Don and Eileen Daulby is most inspirational: 

The following is the account of Mark and the prayer of faith by Eileen, my wife for his healing.  It is a true story of YHWH’s healing, by a man who at first, rejected the salvation of Joshua.


In November of 2010, I met Mark. He was a new cook at the cafe I waited tables at. With in a week, he was my only cook, and so he and I became good friends. Over the course of the next 6 months he became a very close friend. Like the big brother I lost 30 yrs prior.

The second week of May, 2011, Mark got the ‘flu’ and was sick for about 3 days. He still worked, because he was the only cook, and I really couldn’t wait tables and cook by myself. But after 3 days, he wasn’t getting any better, looked as gray as raw potatoes and had no energy to even finish his cooking chores.

So on that Wednesday after noon, I cleaned his grill, did his dishes, mopped his floors and took him to ER. I left him there and told him to call me when he was done and I would come get him. He called me later on that night and said, don’t bother to come get me, the hospital is flying me to UC Davis I said, why, for the flu? He said no, I have cancer.

The dr’s say its bad and needs to be treated now or I will die. So I drove to the hospital right then. They had already started some sort of chemo drip and were trying to stabilize his vitals so he could fly to UC Davis…. I told Mark I was going to pray for him and that everything would be OK.

He said, don’t bother praying, they cant even stabilize my vitals, how are they even going to get me down there to make everything OK. I took his hand and said, Mark, I know my God will calm your heart, and stabilize your vitals. You will fly down there and you will be OK. So I prayed a simple prayer, I don’t even know what I said, and told Mark to call me when they took off.

The Nurse came in after I said that and said, well look at you Mark, your vitals are stabilizing…. good job. Just a little lower and you’ll be on your way to UC Davis. I told Mark to call me and I left the hospital and went back in town. Mark called me an hour later and said they were taking off soon. I told him all would be OK. That he would be back in town soon.

I went and saw Mark 19 days later at UC Davis. His hair had already fallen out and he was struggling for breath. He told me the dr’s said it was advance stage leukemia of some sort and that Mark was lucky to still be alive. I told him that I knew he would get better and that he would be back in town soon.

Mark told me that the only time he had heard anything about God was when his old German mom would get out her big huge German bible and read out of it. He didn’t have time for God in his life, and didn’t think God was even out there. I told Mark that God was indeed out there, and that He loved him and would make him well and Mark would get to come back back in town.

First of July Mark was back in town. Cancer free. He had developed Diabetes, but was cancer free. Mark did not come back to work as his body was still weak, but he still managed to putt around town and do the things he loved.

First of May 2012, Mark called me and told me he was going to the ER. He felt sick and was afraid his cancer had come back. It had. His girl friend at the time took him to his appts, and so I was not really involved in his second bout. He called me from Mercy Hospital in September of 2012. It was a Monday, about noon.

Mark told me that the dr’s said he would be dead by Friday. His counts were so low the dr’s were afraid he wouldn’t make it through the night. I told him not to worry, He wasn’t going to die. He started crying and said he didn’t want to die. I told him to not worry. He was not going to die.

I got in my car, drove the 3 hours to Mercy Hospital, found Marks room. He looked awful. He was surprised to see me. I told him that I came to tell him that he was not going to die. I took his hand, prayed a simple prayer. And asked God to have him back in town by Friday. Amen. I told Mark that God loved him and had a plan for his life. Let God heal you, and show you his love. Mark said OK.

I left and came back to town. Mark called the next morning, Tuesday, and was so excited. His counts had doubled over night. Mark called Wednesday morning, his counts had doubled from the day before. He called me Thursday morning and said, guess what? The Dr’s say my cancer is gone and I can come back to town tomorrow!

So Friday I went and picked up Mark from the hospital. The nurses were amazed that not only was he alive, he walked himself out of the hospital. I asked the nurses on check out what his follow up instructions were. And they said to follow up with his primary physician in a month. I said, what about his insulin. The nurse said, He no longer has diabetes.

And he no longer has cancer. I said, well, praise God. Let me take him back to town. So we drove back that Friday night. The whole way back Mark kept saying, how amazed he was not only cancer free, but diabities free. He had never heard of anyone being healed of diabetics. I never had either, but I knew that my God had done it. I told Mark that God had healed him, and he needed to start reading his moms old German bible and see what God had in store of the rest of his life. He said he would. And he did for about a month.

Don was talking to Mark one day, witnessing to him and asking Mark how he felt this healing was going to impact his future. Mark said, well the dr’s healed me, so I don’t really know what God has to do with my future. Later, after Mark left, Don said, he shouldn’t have said that. He just denied his healing.

My heart sank…. Here sat a man, that had been totally and completely healed from cancer and diabetes and he gave the credit to the same dr’s that said he would be dead in a week. That was about the middle of October 2012.

December 20th, Mark called to say the cancer was back. He knew he was going to die and he was afraid. As soon as he said that I knew there was nothing more that could be said. I told him I would pray he would not be in pain and that if he needed me to call me. A friend of mine reached Mark and they said the Sinners prayer Dec 27th. Mark died Jan 4, 2013.

The story I am trying to convey here is this, you can have people pray for you, you can be healed by God himself, but if you doubt, and listen to the doubters, you can lose the healing God has given you. Does that mean I should not have prayed for Mark? I think I did need to pray for Mark, and said what God wanted me to do and say.

It wasn’t my words that healed Mark. I believe it was my faith in doing what God laid on my heart to do that God honored. If you need healing, ask someone that totally believes God heals today, right now, to pray with you and stand with you in faith for the healing. Don’t let the doubters and the wishy washy steal the healing God has promised for you.


Story Source: http://dondaulby.com/eileen-and-the-prayer-of-faith/

  1. This posting is powerful and instructional. “Ask God and be thankful.”
    An uplifting surprise in the midst of all of the outrageous things that are happening.

  2. I am believing Jesus and the power of His holy name for the healing of my daughter, Drew Faith Wilson, of type 1 diabetes


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