British and French Jets Intercept Russian Bomber

British and French Jets Intercept Russian Bomber

Video has emerged showing NATO fighter jets ‘buzzing’ a Russian Tu-95 bomber.

The footage shows three RAF Typhoons and at least one French Mirage fighter flying within yards of the Russian plane and broadcast on Russian television channel TV Zvedza, which is owned by the Russian Defence Ministry.

The time and location of the incident has not been disclosed.

However, based upon the squadron insignia seen on the aircraft, it is believed the video was shot during a close encounter on 28 January when two Russian military planes flew close to UK airspace.


Sky’s Defence Correspondent Alistair Bunkall said: “Events of this kind have tripled in recent months but what it shows is one of these events happening from the other side.

“Once we work out when the last time the French and British worked together on one of these we might be able to date exactly when this happened.  Read More: 

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