Time For A 3rd Party?

Time For A 3rd Party?

Time for a 3rd party?  Conservatives again left holding empty bag.  After a historic House vote in which Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, mustered just enough votes to retain his hold on power, to the chagrin of many conservative Republicans, those same conservatives say they feel abandoned by the party they’ve worked to support.

Time for a 3rd party?

“I thought we were going to have enough there to deny him the speakership. Talk about a complete repudiation of our election mandate,” said Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, one of the nation’s largest tea-party groups. “Just two months ago people said, ‘We’re tired of Obama and we’re tired of things being done business as usual in Washington,’ and now he (Boehner) gets up there and pushes through amnesty and funding for Obamacare just like there’s absolutely nothing changed.”

To make matters worse, Boehner suffered no consequences for his role in facilitating President Obama’s agenda. His party handed him the speaker’s gavel again to wield over the newly seated House, which enjoys its largest Republican majority in decades.

time for 3rd party

Time for a 3rd Party?

“It’s Potomac fever, and it’s just terrible,” Phillips said. “I guess they didn’t get the message on Nov. 4. It’s an outrage, because the Nov. 4 election was a very, very strong message that we don’t want them to play bipartisan games. We want them to stand up for Republican values, conservative principles, and we want them to be fighters,” Schlafly said. “We don’t want bipartisan people. Obama said his agenda was on the ballot Nov. 4, and the American people said, ‘No, we don’t want it.’ So this is very disappointing.”

Franklin Lawson, founder of North Carolina Tea Party Coalition, said he felt personally betrayed by Rep. Mark Walker, a freshman Republican congressman from the Greensboro area who campaigned on a platform of changing the Washington leadership. “I think we knew the outcome, but a lot of us were looking for people to step up and represent their constituency,” Lawson said. “Some who we were counting on ended up changing their minds at the last minute. One in particular that kind of stands out who really voiced very broadly that he would not support Boehner was Mark Walker. He said it was time for a change. He was very vocal about it. And then he turns around and votes the other way.”

Time for a third party?

Time for 3rd Party

Time for a 3rd party?

He’s going to try to push amnesty. He will push a free-trade agenda that’s going to help crush the middle class, and I predict the Republicans are going to raise taxes.” Phillips noted that Republicans such as Sen. John Thune of South Dakota and Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee are already talking about raising the federal gas tax. “Democrats are going to play Republicans like they played George W. Bush and then ram through a higher gas tax,” he said. “Then what are the Republicans going to run on in 2016? They’re going to be left saying, ‘Oh we didn’t repeal Obamacare, we didn’t stop amnesty, but oh by the way we just raised your taxes through the roof.’”

Conservatives defecting from Boehner told the Journal they objected to how he ran the House, faulting him for hashing out too many deals behind closed doors and not giving lawmakers enough time to read legislation before voting. There is no difference between establishment Republican and Democrat so who cares if you cost them a Senate seat. But we cannot wait till summer of 2016, that’s too late. Conservatives need to start planning today. There needs to be some type of structure or organization so we’ve got candidates on the ground, we’ve got boots on the ground ready to get out the vote.”

Below is the full list of 25 Republicans who voted against Boehner:

1. Rep. Justin Amash voted for Jim Jordan
2. Rep. Brian Babin voted for present
3. Rep. Rod Blum voted for Daniel Webster
4. Rep. Dave Brat voted for Jeff Duncan
5. Rep. Jim Bridenstine voted for Louie Gohmert
6. Rep. Curt Clawson voted for Rand Paul
7. Rep. Scott DesJarlais voted for Jim Jordan
8. Rep. Jeff Duncan voted for Trey Gowdy
9. Rep. Scott Garrett voted for Daniel Webster
10. Rep. Chris Gibson voted for Kevin McCarthy
11. Rep. Louie Gohmert voted Louie Gohmert
12. Rep. Paul Gosar voted for Daniel Webster
13. Rep. Tim Huelskamp voted for Daniel Webster
14. Rep. Walter Jones voted Daniel Webster
15. Rep. Steve King voted Daniel Webster
16. Rep. Thomas Massie voted Ted Yoho
17. Rep. Mark Meadows voted Daniel Webster
18. Rep. Rich Nugent voted Daniel Webster
19. Rep. Gary Palmer voted Jeff Sessions
20. Rep. Bill Posey voted Daniel Webster
21. Rep. Scott Rigell voted Daniel Webster
22. Rep. Marlin Stutzman voted Daniel Webster
23. Rep. Randy Weber voted Gohmert
24. Rep. Daniel Webster voted Daniel Webster

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