Murder Of Young Black in Ferguson Is Being Censored, Was Deandre Joshua Murdered by Rioters?

Murder Of Young Black in Ferguson Is Being Censored, Was Deandre Joshua Murdered by Rioters?

With Michael Brown there was never any proof he was wrongly killed.  It is however known that Deandre Joshua  was wrongfully murdered hours after Brown’s Stepfather, Louis Head, incited the crowd to “Burn it down”, “Burn this bitch down!” after the verdict.  Video of Louis Head inciting the riot is at this link:

Deandre Joshua was 20 years old when he was shot in the head while sitting inside his car only about 50 feet away from where Michael Brown was shot.  He was then doused with gas and set on fire.

deandre Car

Have you heard about this?  Probably not, the Ferguson Riot, which is referred to by many in the press as a protest, has been the number one story by CNN,  CBS, MSNBC and Fox for weeks, yet Deandre’s murder is not even being reported, or barely so.  

Today more than a week later it is still being censored.  CBS News is an example.  Below is a screen shot of a search on “Deandre Joshua” on the CBS News site:


None of the CBS stories are about Deandre Joshua.  CBS has not mentioned his name once, even a week after his murder.  Why is the most important news item about the Ferguson Riot being censored?  Why is so unimportant that an unarmed young black man can be gunned down while sitting in his car in Ferguson, when a known robber and bully, almost the exact same age, is shot after attacking a policeman and that story is the number one reported story in America?   This is a good question.

There is a reason these news companies are not reporting this very important real news story.  What is their motive?

1. They feel responsible for his murder, because if they had not helped incite the riot with their miss-reporting, it would have never happened.  So it is too uncomfortable to report what they have done.

2. They have an agenda and falsely reporting Brown’s death helped that agenda (promoting racial paranoia of Whites, by Blacks).  Racial paranoia by Blacks helps the Democrat Party and almost all reporters are Democrats.  Reporting that likely pro-Michael Brown Black rioters murdered Deandre, and even possibly for being a suspected witness, is not helpful to the Democrat Party, so it is better not to report it.

3. They do not want to make the rioters look bad.

4. They themselves are taken in with the false propaganda that young Black men are in great danger from the police, but not in danger from other young Black men, so they are unable to deal with the reality of the Deandre Joshua murder.

5.  They have no idea why they are censoring this story.  They are following orders to censor it from higher ups.

It is hard to come up with a good motive for this censorship.   If you have a better one please make a comment on this story.

Whether Deandre was or was not a police witness, just the suspicion could have caused the murder.  It is known that Brown’s accomplice, Dorian Johnson, was a friend of Deandre Joshua.   Dorian is the most responsible person for the riot and Deandre’s murder, because if he told the truth the riot would have never happened.    Dorian lied about the policeman stopping them for no reason, he was stopping them to arrest Michael Brown for the robbery he had just committed, and Dorian has since admitted he lied about that (he did not know they had been caught on camera).   It was Dorian’s lie that Brown had his hands up and said “don’t shoot” and was standing still when shot that was the “battle cry” of the rioters and racial paranoia mongers like Al Sharpton.

It is known that witnesses have been threatened to lie to try and make the policeman look guilty:

One witness told police that “she had been speaking to her neighbors about the incident, and her neighbors were getting upset at what they believed happened. Their beliefs were inconsistent with what she witnessed.” Yet the witness told police “that although present during the incident, and seeing the entirety of what happened, he would not be speaking to police for fear of retaliation from neighborhood residents. He also stated the information being broadcast by the news outlets was not accurate information and there were ‘blatant lies from those giving accounts of what they saw.’ He said there were multiple people present when the shooting occurred and even those people, when interviewed by the media, were giving false statements.”

If Dorian had said Deandre had told the police the truth, even if Deandre was not even there, that could have been the death sentence for Deandre.  Since the news media is censoring this, it makes it harder to find out why Deandre was murdered.

Deandre does not have a criminal record, graduated from high school and worked at the local WalMart.  Some people do think he also sold drugs because of the below picture.   His mother says he was never part of the riots and protests in Ferguson, which appears to be true.  Just because he had cash does not mean he is a criminal.  We hope his murderer/s are caught.




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