Shocker, Hollywood Tells Truth About News Censorship And Cocaine in “Kill The Messenger”

Shocker, Hollywood Tells Truth About News Censorship And Cocaine in “Kill The Messenger”

AUN-TV wrote an article before the movie “Kill The Messenger” was released, wondering if an accurate film would be put out.  You can read that article here:

People who knew Gary Webb, the San Jose Mercury News reporter who broke the Cocaine/Contra/CIA connection, have said the film by Jeremy Renner is accurate, to their shock.   It appears that Jeremy Renner was quite brave and told 80% of the story, the only major part he left out of the Cocaine/Contra story was the Mena Arkansas Cocaine hub that was operated with the full knowledge of Bill Clinton by Barry Seal, the biggest Cocaine trafficker of all time.  Seal was shot to death after he said he would cooperate in a trial, in effect tell the truth about the deal.  We still give Renner an A for bravery in making this film in Hollywood.  


We will provide a video that shows historical footage of the Cocaine operations and the trailer of the films, then three videos that review the film.  Two are by Alex Jones who knew Gary Webb well and one includes the real Freeway Ricky Ross, a central figure of the movie, who went to prison for 20 years for starting major cocaine use in Los Angeles.

We encourage people to watch the movie as brave and accurate movies are rare in Hollywood, especially one that exposes the news industry in America as corrupt and censored.

What happened to the hero of the movie, Gary Webb?  He was found shot to death, two shots to the head.  The government declared it a “suicide”.  How does someone shoot themselves in the head, twice?





  1. Wow, agree the movie is brave by Hollywood standards. Thanks for putting this collection of videos together in one place. I am going to make sure to see the movie now. Sounds like the CIA has a bunch of “friends”, ex-agents that now work for Washington Post etc. that cover up things and attack real journalists. My favorite video of your collection is the first one with interview of Webb himself, but all of them quite informative.

  2. Thank you for writing this & tracking the film. I completely agree that this film has been very brave by Hollywood standards. It turns out that the director, Jeremy Renner, & Renner’s production company are paying a pretty hefty price for it–not only has it been suppressed by the film distributor, but its been censored by news media. National marketing for the film was also delayed until the distributor had pulled it from all but 18 theaters. There is even an alleged additional ban on any pirated copies of the film. Someone or something BIG has been holding this film down. I’m not here to endorse or sell anything, but if anyone is moved by this article and the movie (or wish they had access to it) please consider signing this petition to help bring it back:

    Again not trying to solicit, just trying to fight *whoever* keeps trying to silence this story.

    The middle ground of communication for the people helping move the petition forward is the unofficial Twitter @killthemess2014 in case anyone is interested in learning more. Thanks for at least reading through this post!

    • Kevin, we are more than ok with you providing this info. I have not seen the whole movie yet as not on DVD yet, but look forward to it and maybe it will become a cult classic as it is being suppressed. Thank you for caring about news censorship and helping out on trying to end it.


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