Russia To Declare U.S. A ‘Threat’ And ‘Adversary’ In New Military Doctrine

Russia To Declare U.S. A ‘Threat’ And ‘Adversary’ In New Military Doctrine

As tensions grow between Russia, Europe and the U.S.,  Russia has decidedly given up on much hope for resolving their security relations and will continue moving forward in strengthening its relationship with China.

As reported by, a new Russian military doctrine is to be released next month, which will openly designate the United States as a “threat” and/or adversary, which is likely to escalate the growing distrust.

Via FT:

“Co-operation between Russia and China is extremely important to keep the peace in the framework of international law, making it more stable,” Mr Putin told his Chinese counterpart, just two weeks after he accused the US of destabilizing the world by frequently violating international law.

Russia’s updated military doctrine is expected to target Nato and the US more clearly as the Ukraine crisis has frayed Moscow’s relations with the western alliance. The current doctrine lists only Nato expansion, foreign troop deployments in neighboring states, destabilization in certain countries and deployment of missile defence systems as “external military dangers”.

People familiar with the document said NATO and the US would be openly designated as threats or adversaries in the document’s new version, due to be published next month.


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