ISIS Continues To Advance In Iraq, Defeats Obama’s “Strategy”

ISIS Continues To Advance In Iraq, Defeats Obama’s “Strategy”

Al Jazeera reports today that ISIS, using the term Al Jazeera and Obama use for it, ISIL, continues to advance in Northern Iraq.  There have been leaks that Obama has restricted the US military to about 10% of the airpower they said was needed to do the job.  Objectively Obama’s approximate two month war on ISIS has been a disaster militarily and human rights wise.

The Daily Beast has reported: Within the U.S. Air Force, there’s mounting frustration that the air campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq is moving far more slowly than expected. Instead of a fast-moving operation with hundreds of sorties flown in a single day—the kind favored by many in the air service—American warplanes are hitting small numbers of targets after a painstaking and cumbersome process.


As to why Obama and Al Jazeera call ISIS ISIL, here is a report on that:

Al Jazeera reports: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has continued to gain ground in northern Iraq despite weeks of US-led air strikes, and is now moving closer to the Iraq-Kurdish city of Erbil.

ISIL fighters are battling Kurdish volunteer troops in the town of al-Kuwayr, about 60km southwest of Erbil.

However, national security expert Douglas Ollivant, of the New America Foundation, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that for now there was no immediate threat of ISIL closing in on Erbil.

Ollivant said that it is likely that the armed group will concentrate on al-Kuwayr, as they face a stronger resistance from Kurdish fighters and US-led air power should they make their way further into Kurdish areas.

“There are significant defences between these towns and Erbil,” he said. “Erbil and Baghdad are still safe at this point.”

In the neighbouring province of Nineveh, Provincial Governor Atheel al-Nujaifi told Al Jazeera that he is coordinating with the Iraqi defence ministry to set up a force to liberate Mosul from ISIL.

“It is the time to start work on the exact plan to liberate Mosul,” Nujaifi said, as he appealed for more weapons and resources to fight the armed group.

“It’s a miserable situation now in Mosul,” he said. “There’s no electricity, no water and no healthcare.”

‘Systematic executions’

Just south of Mosul in Anbar Province, ISIL continued on Tuesday to lay siege to more than 500 families belonging to the Albu Nimr tribe in the town of Heet.

It has been reported that in recent days, over 200 tribe members have been executed, over old grudges since the tribe had been suspected of siding with US and Iraqi forces in the past.

Government officials told Al Jazeera that a “systematic executions” of the members of the tribe is still under way.

Sunni ISIL fighters long consider the Shia as heretics and have targeted them in deadly attacks, killing more than 40 people in Baghdad in the 48 hours preceding Ashoura.


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