VA Whistleblower Faced Harrassment and Retaliation After News Interview

VA Whistleblower Faced Harrassment and Retaliation After News Interview

Since we’re not hearing a lot about the VA in the news anymore, people assume that the situation is improving.


Whistleblower: VA Superiors Tried to ‘Shut Me Up’ After Fox News Interview

A VA whistleblower who spoke out in an interview with Neil Cavuto says he’s faced harassment and retaliation for going public with his allegations about the lack of medical care for veterans.

After the interview, Scott Davis says he was asked by his superiors to sign a notice stating that he would not speak publicly again.

When Davis refused, he received an email which he interpreted as a threat.

“Mr. Davis, with all due respect, the notification that was sent to you and to your representative to appear before the Administrative Investigation Board was not an invitation to which you can decline,” read the email from Department of Veterans Affairs HR consultant William Lamm to Davis.

Davis, an Eligibility Center program specialist, said today on “Fox and Friends” that he got the email right after his interview with Cavuto, in which he accused the VA in Georgia of improperly purging benefit applications.

“They were trying to shut me up and trying to silence me from discussing the fact that 47,000 veterans died while waiting to get their health care applications processed and that 890,000 veteran applications for health care have never been processed by the Department  of Veterans Affairs,” he said, explaining that his superiors “freaked out” that he was on Fox News.

But he did not go on television until he had already reported his allegations to the Inspector General’s office, contacted the White House and testified in Congress.

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