The Democratic Party is “Abusing” Blacks in America

The Democratic Party is “Abusing” Blacks in America

While trying his best to wrap up all the Latino votes, Obama may be losing the support of his, previously dependable, Black  base.  We have witnessed twice, once in Maryland and now in Wisconsin, Democrats, mostly black, at a stump speech for Democrat candidate for Governor, Mary Burke, are shown leaving a Democrat rally when Obama begins to speak.  Who is going to get  those votes in 2016?  It would not be too soon for Republicans to start articulating what success means, and the Republican plan to stimulate economic growth and raise the poor out of poverty.

The bottom of the economic ladder is really starting to get it…..they get why increasing the minimum wage is only going to continue locking them out of the job market. They’re actually  starting to sound like conservatives….

A homeless black man named Askari Shabazz, was at an Impeach Obama protest in downtown San Diego on October 11, 2014 and offered  some very candid thoughts on how he and many other blacks feel about Obama. He said Obama has been a weak and indecisive leader, especially with regard to the murder of the ambassador in Benghazi. Mr. Shabazz added that he believes that Obamacare was a waste of time and that Obama is carrying out a socialist takeover of America.

Another video shows a crowd leaving smack in the middle of Obama’s speech, raising questions about his support among his base. Politicians are noticing the trend and actively seeking to distance themselves from the President in every way possible. Why are they turning on Obama? Glenn reacted on radio today.

TheBlaze reported:

The Democratic Party is “abusing” blacks in America, according to a group of men in Chicago who have a scathing message for President Barack Obama and “black leadership.”

“Who are the real oppressors in our community?” Paul McKinley, who ran for elected office as a Republican to replace Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., demanded in a video released Monday by Rebel Pundit. “When you hear the words ‘black-on-black crime,’ the first thing you think of is a black man robbing you, a black man breaking in your house. And that is a black-on-black crime. But let’s take it one step further. There’s a black-on-black crime down in city hall, there’s a black-on-black crime down in all the state capitals in America, where black folks are voting against our interests!”

“That is fantastic,” Glenn said after watching it.

While this video seems like good news for those who want to see people, regardless of ethnicity, wake up and see the dangers of the progressive machine, Glenn did have a warning for listeners.

Glenn asked people to recall America after 9/11, when there was such an emotional reaction to the terrorist attack that people rallied behind President Bush and the leadership in Congress, and now the pendulum has swung the opposite direction with such vigor people don’t know what to believe in anymore.

“The first time I really saw those flags was after September 11th . They were everywhere. Regular people would just have them in their cars on the highway after September 11th . Everybody wore a flag lapel pin on television. Everybody was pro-troops, pro-flag, pro, you know, Star Spangled Banner. You name it. We practically dressed like the Statue of Liberty for a while. Now look at us. Now you don’t even know what to believe in. Now you don’t know what things even stand for anymore. Now look at how the national anthem, does it mean anything? The flag, to how many people, does it mean anything?” Glenn said.


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