So Called Ebola Experts Again Refuted on Transmission, Spanish Nurse has Ebola

So Called Ebola Experts Again Refuted on Transmission, Spanish Nurse has Ebola

As AUN-TV has been reporting for months Ebola is much easier to transmit than the “experts” claim.  Health organizations such as the CDC and WHO and politicians like President Obama insist that it is not air transmittable and that people that have Ebola are not dangerous to be around unless their temperature is over 101.5 degrees F.

The facts refute them.  Today we find out a Spanish nurse following all of the protocols that WHO (World Health Organization) says will prevent transmission, has contracted Ebola after only entering the room of Ebola patient Manuel Garcia Viejo twice. He is the priest and medical doctor who himself became infected treating Ebola patients in Africa.  She is the first person to contract Ebola outside of Africa.

The pattern of Ebola experts becoming infected has been repeated over and over.   Manuel Garcia Viejo, the priest and medical doctor was brought back to Spain for treatment, just like American health workers who contacted Ebola in Africa were brought back to America for treatment.  Viejo died in the Spanish hospital he was brought to..

Health workers in Spain are protesting and asking for the health ministers resignation.  They claim they are being endangered because Ebola is more transmittable then they were told.

How much longer will WHO and the CDC keep up this charade that Ebola is hard to transmit?  AUN-TV has released another story today on Ebola air transmission you can read here:  Ebola Proven in Medical Studies to be Air Transmitted, The Studies They do not Want You to Read


A VOZAFRIV article had this information about this new case:

The nursing assistant in Madrid was part of a special team caring for a Spanish priest who died of Ebola last month after being evacuated from Sierra Leone. The nursing assistant wore a hazmat suit both times she entered his room, officials said, and no records point to any accidental exposure to the virus, which spreads through direct contact with the bodily fluids of a sickened person.

The woman, who had been on vacation in the Madrid area after treating the priest, was diagnosed with Ebola on Monday after coming down with a fever, and was said to be stable Tuesday. Her husband also was isolated as a precaution. Another quarantined nurse tested negative, but a man who traveled in Nigeria remained in isolation.

Madrid’s regional government even got a court order to euthanize and incinerate the couple’s mixed-breed dog, Excalibur, against their objections, without even testing the animal. A government statement said “available scientific information” doesn’t guarantee that infected dogs can’t transmit the virus to humans.

Some reports in medical journals suggest that dogs can be infected with Ebola without showing symptoms, but whether they can spread the disease to people is unclear. Ebola’s source in nature hasn’t been pinpointed. The leading suspect is a certain type of fruit bat, but the World Health Organization lists chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, forest antelope and porcupines as possibly playing a role in spread of the disease. Even pigs may amplify infection because of bats on farms in Africa.

Spanish authorities also were tracking down all the woman’s contacts, and put more than 50 other people under observation, including her relatives and fellow health care workers. “The priority now is to establish that there is no risk to anybody else,” emergency coordinator Fernando Simon said.


  1. So the nurses in Spain think they are being lied to about how transmittable Ebola is. They have a point. If it requires major contact, bodily fluid exchange, how could first the doctor, then one of his nurses get it? The governments needs to start telling the truth about this. NOW Obama says they will screen people from West Africa, why not before?


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