Obama Being Coerced by Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales Over Fast and Furious?

Obama Being Coerced by Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales Over Fast and Furious?

What is Eric Holder Hiding?

For some reason Eric Holder would rather be held in Contempt of Congress than turn over relevant documents regarding Fast and Furious, the gun walking scandal tied to the ATF and the DOJ. What is there that this administration doesn’t want to come clean about?  Was this an attempt by the federal government to make gun dealers in the Southwest look like they were selling guns illegally in an attempt to shut them down?  Is there more to it than that?  The Mexican Attorney General, Marisela Morales, thinks Obama knows more about this gun walking operation than he has admitted.

Does Fast and Furious Have Anything to do with the Prosecution of Andrew Tahmooressi?

New evidence has been uncovered that strongly suggests that an AK-47 rifle used in an assault in a U.S. city is tied to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) gun-walking scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious, according to a letter sent by lawmakers to the Department of Justice on Thursday. The two officials — one from the House of Representatives and the other from the Senate — are urging the Justice Department leadership to finally become honest and transparent as promised by President Barack Obama.


Courtesy of the Gun Owners Coalition

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, wrote a scathing letter advising officials at outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder’s department to begin being honest and open about this latest piece of evidence that another gun, this time used in a shooting incident in Phoenix, Arizona, is linked to the ATF’s scandalous snafu, Operation Fast and Furious.

Courtesy of Mexican Gov’t

There are allegations that the United States’ leaders are all but rolling over like trained circus animals for the Mexican government because of a secret — some claim sinister — pact between the White House and Mexico’s federal government in Mexico City, according to a knowledgeable source on Thursday.

For example, growing number of Americans are asking the question of why President Barack Obama and his security team are allowing an American hero, Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, to remain a captive of a corrupt and duplicitous Mexican government. However, one official informed the Examiner that the answer is not complicated: Obama and his administration’s leaders kowtow to the demands of the Mexicans and their government in order to avoid having facts about the Fast and Furious scandal to be revealed by Mexico’s attorney general. It’s a corrupt pact that borders on blackmail.

Sgt. Tahmooressi’s claim that he mistakenly entered Mexico with legally registered firearms has all but been ignored by the White House and most of the complicit members of the news media. Except for some of the anchors and commentators on Fox News Channel, talk radio hosts, and some of the Internet news outlets, the story of Sgt. Tahmooressi’s ordeal that began in March is being ignored. In fact, no one from the Obama administration has even bothered to telephone the mother of the Marine who did two tours in war-torn Afghanistan.

However, the Obama administration’s ignoring the pleas of Mrs. Jill Tahmooressi to help her son begins to make sense when linked into a secret pact that stifled the attempt by Mexico’s angry attorney general who was preparing to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama, Eric Holder and others involved in Operation Fast and Furious debacle in which numerous Mexicans were killed by smuggled weapons, according to the Examiner source who demanded anonymity but proved himself/herself reliable.

According to a number of news stories — including Examiner’s coverage — in September 2011, besides the U.S. Congress and a number of public-interest groups investigating what was characterized as a rogue federal law enforcement operation, Mexico’s attorney general was so infuriated over the allegations that the U.S. was behind the smuggling of weapons into Mexico that ended up killing her countrymen, that she jumped into action to conduct her only investigation and prosecution of the Obama administration.

The Examiner news story reported that Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales, the first woman to hold that office, said she believes Obama knows more about guns smuggled into Mexico than he’s admitted:

In a statement released by Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales, she called Operation Fast and Furious “an attack on Mexicans’ security.” Morales told Mexican reporters that she is demanding a full and honest explanation from the United States government especially since evidence is being gathered that reveals the Obama administration was more involved in Operation Fast and Furious than top officials admitted in their sworn statements. If what is being reported is true, U.S. Attorney General and other government officials may have committed perjury and/or obstruction of justice if it’s proven they lied when testifying before House and Senate committees.

Mexico’s Attorney General claims she learned about the operation in the news media rather than being told about it in advance by U.S. government officials, including members of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff.

Morales said that if U.S. federal officials were involved, it would be a “betrayal” of Mexico while its police and military were fighting a war against drug cartels. Tens of thousands of Mexicans have been killed since the “war on drugs” began in 2006. Almost weekly, Mexican authorities are finding mass graves of those murdered by the cartels.

“Almost immediately after the White House got wind of the Mexican attorney general’s words and actions, the Obama administration dispatched its minions to Mexico City and entered into an agreement that Obama would be more forceful in legalizing millions of Mexican illegal aliens so that they would be able to work in America and continue to send home money,” said the source, who worked as a federal law enforcement commander and traveled to Mexico as part of a narcotics task force.

“In essence, based on the stories emanating from the Beltway [Washington, D.C.], the case against the Obama White House and his minions was completely dropped by Attorney General Morales. In fact, when the Mexican government discovered an official’s brother was killed with a ‘Fast and Furious’ gun, there were no repercussions for the Obama White House,” said Jerry Grosso, a former narcotics detective.

In that case, Patricia Gonzalez, the top state prosecutor in Chihuahua, Mexico, at the time of her brother’s kidnapping, said she has worked closely with U.S. law enforcement officers for years and was stunned that she did not learn until many months later, through media reports, about the link between her brother’s death and Fast and Furious weapons.


  1. I always suspected there was more to this. They never tried to trace the guns, there were no electronic tags inserted. It was obvious that Obama wanted to guns to go to the drug gangs. Probably as false flag to take away gun rights.

    Will we ever find out the truth?

  2. Finding out the truth will depend on whether or not Eric Holder cooperates with the court and the subpoenas. I anticipate crashed hard drives and obfuscation. We will never know their intention unless there is something in writing or recorded.


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