No Room in New York Schools for Illegal Alien Kids?

No Room in New York Schools for Illegal Alien Kids?

Obama’s Amnesty for Dreamers Impacts School District

During the height of the influx of illegal alien unaccompanied minors, questions were asked about the ability to care for these children, who would feed them, who would clothe them, who would care for them and… where would they go to school?  Well, there are many overcrowded classrooms as a result of this Democrat immigration policy, but who gets the blame?  In an administration that has made pointing the finger in another direction a habit, predictably, according to Democrats, it’s ‘their’ fault. 

New York officials ordered a statewide review Thursday of public school compliance with enrollment policies for unaccompanied minors and immigrant children following reports that several dozen children who had recently arrived from Central America were not admitted to a Long Island high school.

The students are among about 2,500 unaccompanied immigrant children placed with relatives on Long Island in recent months following a wave of border crossings by youngsters who have come into the United States seeking asylum.

 Perhaps these children should be moved to a more affluent area of New York, like the Westchester area or Scarsdale. 

 Parents Have a “Right” to Not Speak English

The supreme arrogance of the Democrats and their irresponsibility is on full display in the Hempstead School District of Long Island, New York. The Democrat practice of making decisions without properly giving consideration or deference to the consequences is resulting in chaos on a grand scale for the educators.

Between 700 and 1,100 of Obama’s illegal alien imports were added to the enrollment of the already overtaxed district for the current year. It is a situation in which the federal government illegally has created a problem and dumped it into the laps of local residents to deal with.

In some ways an argument could be made that they got what they deserve. This is how Democrats operate and when you vote them into office, things like this are guaranteed to happen.

A pro-Latino racist activist, Diane Goins, the New York Communities for Change Long Island Chapter President is sufficiently ignorant to blame the school rather than the federal government who is responsible. In her infinite ignorance, Goins said, “Now you know. This is the kind of thing they’re doing to the children. I don’t care who these children are or where they come from. They’re supposed to get an education. That’s the law and now they’ve broken the law.”

The hypocrisy is mind-numbing.  She’s portraying the illegal children as victims of a school district which is “violating the law,” when they would be back in their native countries had they not themselves first violated our laws. Their lawbreaking was followed up by the lawless DHS under Jeh Johnson allowing them to remain. The true victims are the other students, including those who are American citizens, who now have their already challenged educational opportunities further diminished by treacherous politicians.

The administrators who have to deal with the mess that the federal government has created are also being victimized. It is a federally created problem, fully facilitated to include federal transportation into the school district, which they are now left to sort out using their inadequate facilities and finances.

As usual, the local chapter of the ACLU is sticking their nose into the issue. Jason Starr, the Nassau County Director of the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), said, “Many of the students have difficulty even communicating with school personnel. A lot of parents felt like there weren’t sufficient teachers or staff members who could communicate with students who only spoke Spanish and parents who only spoke Spanish.”

He added, “The parents have a right to engage in the language they are comfortable with. They felt locked out, as though there was no one at the district or school level who could adequately communicate with them.

Let’s get this straight. It is the school’s responsibility to offer education and communication in Spanish even though traditionally and in many areas legally, the official language of our nation is English. He also feels that these people who have no right to be in our country in the first place and do so in violation of our laws somehow have “a right to engage in the language they are comfortable with.”

Liberals are never challenged by reality, they simply alter it. They violate the law and then create a supposed “comfort right” on the fly, as it suits their needs.

In tribute to their racist outlook and approach, the “activists” see the solution to their problems lying not in responsible government under the law, but in changing the ethnicity of those in power. There is a Latina on the ballot for school board. If she’s elected, things will surely get better.

Keep thinking that way and keep voting Democrat, New York. Get accustomed to living in ever increasing chaos because that is your future.

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