Kurds Defeat ISIS in Kobane

Kurds Defeat ISIS in Kobane

BREAKING: U.S. Military and the Kurds Achieve Massive Victory Over the “Islamic State”

This is huge news from the battlefront against the Islamic State. Despite Barack Obama’s incredibly flawed strategy, the U.S. military just helped Kurdish “boots on the ground” retake Photo by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann                                                   the city of Kobane.

Kurdish soldiers from the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) now control the city, according to a Kurdish official.

“‘There is no ISIS in Kobane now,’ said Omar Alush, co-chair of the TEV-DEM movement in Kobane.”

Alush declared that after the recent air strikes in Kobane against Islamic State militant targets, the YPG worked to expel the leftover Islamic militant out of Kobane. The YPG is now in charge there.

“YPG fighters are now searching the homes for bombs and explosives that the Islamist militants might have left behind,” said Alush.

Alush said that the air strikes were effective in pushing back the militants, however, he said, the coalition forces should cut off the Islamic State supply route from other parts of Syria “because we have information that the group is preparing for another assault on Kobane.”

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