Eric Holder Upset by Ferguson Leaks – Witnesses Want Anonymity

Eric Holder Upset by Ferguson Leaks – Witnesses Want Anonymity

New Ferguson Leaks Exasperate Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder is not happy with the information leaked in the Grand Jury investigation in Ferguson, MO.  Holder, the administration and the Democrats are heavily invested in the angry white police officer kills poor black unarmed child narrative, and it’s looking more and more as though that isn’t the case.  But all those witnesses….

Bill Maher:   “I’m sorry, but Michael Brown’s people say he’s a gentle giant. Well, we saw that video of where he was in the 7-11. No, he wasn’t a gentle giant. He was committing a robbery and he pushed that guy. He was acting like a thug, not like a gentle giant. He certainly didn’t deserve to be shot for it.”

But that wasn’t what he was shot for. He wasn’t shot for jaywalking either.  He was shot for attacking a police officer and trying to take his gun according to the officer.  Now it looks like the forensic evidence may point in that direction and Eric Holder is unhappy.  The Justice Department was also unhappy that the video footage in the convenience store was made public too.  Is it the leak, or the evidence that the police officer may have been justified makes him unhappy.

Apparently the rhetoric expressed by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the attorney for the family, insisting on a trial before it was determined to be a crime, didn’t exasperate him at all.   He’s not unhappy that the Sharpton/Holder narrative played a big part in the riots that went on for days in Ferguson, he’s unhappy that there were leaks that destroy that narrative.

Holder Testifies Before House Judiciary Cmte On DOJ Oversight

“The department considers the selective release of information in this investigation to be irresponsible and highly troubling,” Justice Department spokesperson Dena Iverson said in a statement. “Since the release of the convenience store footage there seems to be an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case.”

A number of African American eyewitnesses to the police shooting death of Michael Brown have given testimony in front of a grand jury that supports Darren Wilson, the officer who shot the teen on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Missouri.

But according to The Washington Post’s sources, the witnesses have not come forward publicly out of fear.

“Seven or eight African American eyewitnesses have provided testimony consistent with Wilson’s account, but none of them have spoken publicly out of fear for their safety,” the Post reported on Wednesday.

At a city meeting to calm residents one of the protestors said:   “If Darren Wilson get off y’all better bring every army y’all got. Cause it’s going down.”

For two months now, the left wing media in this country has hammered home a single narrative about the events of August 9th, 2014. A nice, Christian black man was gunned down in the street by a white police officer in Ferguson, MO. Though that official narrative displayed signs of wear within the first few days, irresponsible journalists at all the major networks have managed to keep the focus on racism, division, and injustice. Forensic evidence has now emerged, and the early reports indicate that Officer Darren Wilson was telling the truth all along. According to law enforcement officials inside the investigation, federal investigators are examining evidence that demonstrates a clear, physical struggle between Wilson and Michael Brown. The victim’s blood was found on Wilson’s gun and on a panel inside the officer’s car, corroborating Wilson’s official recount of the event. The physical evidence now comes into stark contradiction to the stories from eyewitnesses, who have maintained that Wilson shot the 18-year-old in cold blood as he tried to surrender. This narrative, which the media picked up and ran with in the absence of facts, created a dangerous atmosphere in the small St. Louis suburb and raised anti-police sentiments throughout the country. While unofficial reports have revealed the general substance of Wilson’s version of events, only now do we have access to an official record. Wilson insists that, after attempting to stop Brown and an associate, the 18-year-old attacked him. The two struggled in Wilson’s police car, during which time Brown attempted to get the officer’s gun from him. Wilson has told investigators that he “feared for his life.

”Whether Officer Darren Wilson is cleared of charges or not, the fact remains that the media has covered this case without a shred of accountability. They’ve riled emotions and preyed on racial divisions for the purpose of ratings. They’ve insisted, as they always do, that we need to have a “national dialogue” about race. Maybe it’s time for another national dialogue, this one about the runaway liberalism found in our news outlets. When we get that under control, maybe we can address the real issues they refuse to report.

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