Ebola in America, Has Everything Been Done Wrong? Is Faith in Government Warranted?

Ebola in America, Has Everything Been Done Wrong? Is Faith in Government Warranted?

AUN-TV has looked into this and is having a hard time finding anything that has been done right.  Not only in regard to how Ebola got to America, but in preventing its spread here.  Lets look at what has happened.

1. Accessing the danger properly?  Obama said in a public speech it was “highly unlikely” that an Ebola case would ever come to America, two weeks before an Ebola case did come here. WRONG

2. Unlike many countries in Africa and Europe that have quarantined Liberia and will not allow people to fly to their countries from it, Obama and his CDC want and allow flights from Ebola epidemic areas to come here.   This is how Thomas Duncan was able to bring Ebola to America.   WRONG

3. When Duncan became sick with signs of Ebola he went to the hospital and told them he had just come from West Africa, hinting to them he had Ebola.  What did they do?  They sent him home with Ebola for two days in its most contagious phase, causing about 100 people that we know of to be exposed and possibly infected with Ebola. People may die because of this. Even if they do not die, those 100 people are living in terror now.   WRONG

4. Thomas Duncan vomited in front of the apartment he lived in.  Health “authorities” sent people without protective gear to clean the vomit up, after knowing it was Ebola. The CDC lists vomit as one of the key ways Ebola is spread.


This is way below the standards in primitive areas of Africa, and may kill those that did the cleanup. Thomas Duncan himself got Ebola possibly with less contact with bodily fluids than the unprotected workers had.  WRONG

5.  Duncan Vomited in the Ambulance.  After the “authorities” found out Duncan had Ebola, they did not tell the ambulance workers the truth about their exposure!  WRONG

6.  The Federal Center for Disease Control (CDC), announced “someone” had Ebola in Texas and he had flown here from Liberia.  Then they refused to tell the public: A. What was his name, B. What Flights he had been on, C. Release a photo of him so people could tell if they had been exposed,  D. Let people know where he had been and lived in America.   This is insanely counterproductive, it makes many more people fear exposure,  prevented those actually exposed from seeking help, and made it harder to trace contacts, which is a key to fighting infectious diseases.  That is the purpose of the CDC.  Non government people had to sleuth to find the info everyone needed to know.  Non-government people found his name, found his Facebook pictures, etc.    WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG

This brings up the second question “Is Faith in Government Warranted?”

This is a question that is generally never asked.  Government schools teach children when they are young to trust government.  Not surprising, they are government.

Then if they go to college they are indoctrinated into believing in a more powerful government.   They are taught that government is the generally the best solution to everything.  I was.

Why?   What evidence is their that government is somehow magically smarter and more competent than people not in government?   How Ebola came to America is not the exception to the rule, it is the rule.  It is the same as how the ObamaCare website took much longer and cost more than ten times more than similar health insurance websites NOT created by government.  Then it did not work.   It is believed to be the worst database/website disaster in the history of computers.

There is an assumption by tens of millions of Americans that government can always do things better.  History says the opposite is closer to the truth.  The reason so many people believe this myth, is they have never examined if it is true.  They believe what they have been told to believe, without ever asking for the evidence.

  1. Apparently it’s okay with Liberians living in the US for friends and family to come to the US as long as they spend the first 21 days in a hotel, possibly contaminating other people.

    According to family sources and homes visited by our reporter in the United States, the decision to host returning relatives from Liberia in hotels is to ensure that they are clear of the virus after twenty one days of staying in an environment without direct contact with family members or relatives; ‘We are in solidarity with the people of Liberia for those of our families that are returning, we are setting these barriers to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to Liberian communities in the United States.’ The wife of a Liberian pastor whose husband returned to the United States from Liberia told our reporter. by James Momoh


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