Will Hollywood Tell the Truth About Iran-Contra, Gary Webb, Nicaraguan Cocaine, News Censorship and the CIA?

Will Hollywood Tell the Truth About Iran-Contra, Gary Webb, Nicaraguan Cocaine, News Censorship and the CIA?


The movie is planned for release October 10th.  It is about how San Jose Mercury reporter Gary Webb was first congratulated then demonized for writing a story claiming the Nicaraguan Contras were generating money from Cocaine smuggling to fund their revolution, with the CIA being in favor of it, or looking the other way.   They were trying to overthrow a budding totalitarian dictatorship referred to as the Sandinistas that were sponsored by the Soviet Union.

Most Hollywood movies get the facts wrong. The biggest Hollywood blockbuster ever, was the 1915 “Birth of a Nation” movie which was a puff piece that glorified the original Ku Klux Klan.  It was such effective propaganda that it generated the second Ku Klux Klan, the Hollywood KKK, which committed hundreds of racist murders.

On the opposite side, being possibly the most accurate and insightful Hollywood movie, was “Tora Tora Tora” about the Pearl Harbor attack.  Someone I served on a board of directors with, Admiral Thomas Moorer, was able to get a plane off the ground and into combat during the attack and later became the head of the Navy.  He told me Pearl Harbor was a cover-up and what really happened.  The upper brass and Roosevelt knew the attack was coming because they had broken the Japanese Code.   They did not tell the Admiral in charge, Kimmel, and let the attack happen.  However they did push the aircraft carriers over the horizon so the Japanese would not sink them.  If you watch that movie and read between the lines, it implies all that Moorer told me about Pearl Harbor.

So will “Kill the Messenger” be accurate?  Hard to say.  We will provide parts of the trailer here.  One good thing is that is broaches the subject of corruption and censorship in the news business in America, which is one of America’s biggest problems.  Also of note is that Bill Clinton was heavily involved in the Mena Arkansas cocaine connection to Nicaragua, Honduras and Barry Seal.  If this movie causes Mena to be uncovered, it could cost Hilary Clinton the nomination.

Both Clinton’s brother Roger Clinton, and his one time biggest political contributor, Dan Lasiter, went to prison for cocaine trafficking when Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. This was during the period in question.   Bill Clinton’s favorite police bodyguard, L.D. Brown, has gone on camera and said Clinton directed him to fly with Barry Seal to Nicaragua and discovered  Seal was bringing back cocaine, after dropping weapons to the Contras in Nicaragua.  Brown says Seal would pick up the cocaine in Honduras on the way back.  When Brown told Clinton this, Clinton approved saying “That is Lasiter’s deal.”


Below are excerpts from Robert Parry’s new article about Gary Webb, the Contras, Cocaine and News Media manipulation by the CIA.  Parry is the primary journalist to break the Iran-Contra scandal, which was the biggest of the Reagan Administration.   

Gary Webb was fired after his fellow journalists turned on him.  He supposedly committed suicide in 2004, but being his body was found with two large caliber (.38 Special) gunshot wounds to his head, it may have not been suicide.  Almost all people who die from multiple gunshot wounds to the head have been murdered. Coroner Robert Lyons said his office had been swamped with calls. “It’s unusual in a suicide case to have two shots,” he said, “but it has been done in the past, and it is in fact a distinct possibility.”

With Hollywood set to release a movie about the Contra-cocaine scandal and the destruction of journalist Gary Webb, an internal CIA report has surfaced showing how the spy agency manipulated the mainstream media’s coverage to disparage Webb and contain the scandal, reports Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

Journalist Gary Webb holding a copy of his Contra-cocaine article in the San Jose Mercury-News.

In 1996 – as major U.S. news outlets disparaged the Nicaraguan Contra-cocaine story and destroyed the career of investigative reporter Gary Webb for reviving it – the CIA marveled at the success of its public-relations team guiding the mainstream media’s hostility toward both the story and Webb, according to a newly released internal report (click on link to see the CIA report).

Entitled “Managing a Nightmare: CIA Public Affairs and the Drug Conspiracy Story,” the six-page report describes the CIA’s damage control after Webb’s “Dark Alliance” series was published in the San Jose Mercury-News in August 1996.

Besides tracing the evidence of Contra-drug trafficking through the decade-long Contra war, the inspector general interviewed senior CIA officers who acknowledged that they were aware of the Contra-drug problem but didn’t want its exposure to undermine the struggle to overthrow Nicaragua’s Sandinista government.

According to Hitz, the CIA had “one overriding priority: to oust the Sandinista government. . . . [CIA officers] were determined that the various difficulties they encountered not be allowed to prevent effective implementation of the Contra program.” One CIA field officer explained, “The focus was to get the job done, get the support and win the war.”

Hitz also recounted complaints from CIA analysts that CIA operations officers handling the Contras hid evidence of Contra-drug trafficking even from the CIA’s analysts.

Because of the withheld evidence, the CIA analysts incorrectly concluded in the mid-1980s that “only a handful of Contras might have been involved in drug trafficking.” That false assessment was passed on to Congress and to major news organizations — serving as an important basis for denouncing Gary Webb and his “Dark Alliance” series in 1996.

Although Hitz’s report was an extraordinary admission of institutional guilt by the CIA, it went almost unnoticed by major U.S. news outlets. By fall 1998, the U.S. mainstream media was obsessed with President Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. So, few readers of major U.S. newspapers saw much about the CIA’s inspector general admitting that America’s premier spy agency had collaborated with and protected cocaine traffickers.

On Oct. 10, 1998, two days after Hitz’s Volume Two was posted on the CIA’s Web site, the New York Times published a brief article that continued to deride Webb but acknowledged the Contra-drug problem may have been worse than earlier understood.  Read more from Parry’s lengthy article here: http://thenewsdoctors.com/the-ciamsm-contra-cocaine-cover-up/  The CIA report is here: https://www.cia.gov/library/reports/general-reports-1/cocaine/contra-story/north.html#3

It should be noted that the Sandanistas were also known to be in the Cocaine trade, and with the very same Barry Seal, who was murdered before a court appearance in 1986.  Using a concealed camera installed by the CIA, Seal took pictures during the Nicaragua sting operation that clearly showed Pablo Escobar, Jorge Luis Ochoa Vásquez, and other members of the Medellín Cartel loading kilos of cocaine on to a C-123 transport plane. Also Frederico Vaughan, an associate of Tomas Borges of the Interior Ministry of Nicaragua, was photographed with Sandinista Soldiers helping load the plane. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Seal  

Variety Magazine has this to say about the movie:  Though he has four theatrical features under his belt, director Michael Cuesta is perhaps best known for his work on TV series “Homeland” and “Six Feet Under,” and perhaps the worst one can say about his new feature, “Kill the Messenger,” is that it sometimes plays like a condensed version of a first-rate cable miniseries. Based on the life of investigative reporter Gary Webb, who sparked firestorms with his writing on links between the CIA, Nicaraguan Contras and the American crack-cocaine trade only to have his career destroyed in the media blowback, the film taps into far deeper, richer veins of material than it has the time to properly mine. It’s nonetheless a flinty, brainy, continually engrossing work that straddles the lines between biopic, political thriller and journalistic cautionary tale, driven by Jeremy Renner’s most complete performance since “The Hurt Locker.” Specialty box office should be healthy; post-screening debates and Google sessions should be fierce.


November 22 Update:  It appears that Renner was quite brave and told 80% of the story, the only major part he left out of the Cocaine/Contra story was the Mena Arkansas Cocaine hub that was operated with the full knowledge of Bill Clinton by Barry Seal, the biggest Cocaine trafficker of all time.  Seal was shot to death after he said he would cooperate in a trial, in effect tell the truth about the deal.  We still give Renner an A for bravery in making this film.  We will write a new story about the movie with video reviews by people that knew Gary Webb.  It is now available: http://aun-tv.com/2014/11/shocker-hollywood-tells-truth-news-censorship-cocaine-kill-messenger/

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