The Real Reason Racial Paranoia Is Being Promoted, Political Gain

The Real Reason Racial Paranoia Is Being Promoted, Political Gain

Why have so many lies that are easy to prove false, been repeated over and over,  in regard to White on Black crime?    The answer is in the article below, by the New York Times.  It is in the best interests of one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful organization in America to generate anti-White racial paranoia.

That very same organization created the KKK and made anti-Black racial paranoia its central theme for 130 years.

That organization is the Democratic Party.   As the below article by the NYT points out, the racial paranoia and Ferguson rioting have been good for the Democratic Party.  They expect to register a lot of Democrats as a result of it.  In fact it may help win the Missouri Senate race for them.   So the Democrat Party is the winner and the losers are America, Ferguson, racial harmony, the safety of the average America, and the peace of mind of many Black Americans.

The facts to disprove the racial paranoia propaganda, are so easy to see, there has to be a motive for the false propaganda.  First the truth, here are two articles that demolish the lies on this issue.    and

The bottom line is that police shoot Blacks less often than Whites in regard to the number of crimes committed.  The second article above shows that in America’s largest city, New York, that Whites are shot by police 7 times more than their crime rate would justify.  In New York City about 3% of criminal shootings are by Whites, yet 22% of people shot (hit) by police are White.  About 70% of criminal shootings are by Blacks, yet only about 42% of people shot (hit) by police are Black.


What is bad for America is good for one organization, as you will see in the below article, if you read between the lines.


Getting Ferguson Majority to Show Its Clout at Polls

NYT:  FERGUSON, Mo. — Down the street from where the body of Michael Brown lay for hours after he was shot three weeks ago, volunteers have appeared beside folding tables under fierce sunshine to sign up new voters. On West Florissant Avenue, the site of sometimes violent nighttime protests for two weeks, voter-registration tents popped up during the day and figures like the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. lectured about the power of the vote.

In this small city, which is two-thirds African-American but has mostly white elected leaders, only 12 percent of registered voters took part in the last municipal election, and political experts say black turnout was very likely lower. But now, in the wake of the killing of Mr. Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, by a white Ferguson police officer, there is a new focus on promoting the power of the vote, an attempt to revive one of the keystones of the civil rights movement.

N.A.A.C.P. leaders are creating a door-to-door voter registration effort with a jarring reminder as its theme: “Mike Brown Can’t Vote, but I Can.” Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, is working with others to hold a “candidate school” for people, including young black residents who say they want to serve on a city council or school board but need guidance on what a political campaign requires.

The attempt to galvanize voting comes against a backdrop of intense political struggles over the ballot in the state. In 2000, polls were kept open late in St. Louis because of long lines, and Republicans complained about possible voter fraud — one chapter in what would be a long battle over elections and voting.

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