Super Billionaire’s Come Out for Immigration Reform. What is It?

Super Billionaire’s Come Out for Immigration Reform.  What is It?

Three billionaires, including the two richest Americans, wrote an article suggesting we need a new immigration bill.

The term normally applied on this issue is “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, especially by President Obama.


What is Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Is it a meaningless phrase used for deception?

What Gates, Buffet and Adelson suggest in that article is very different than what Obama wants.  It is in some ways old style “Brain Drain” immigration. Allowing the smartest and best educated of the world to come to America, as was done in the 1950s and 1960s. It was so beneficial that in the 1950s and 1960s immigration was not a political issue in presidential elections.  Many countries, possibly most, still use a similar system.  If you have money in the bank and a job waiting, they will allow you in.  If they suspect you will be a drain, they do not allow you in.

America has a system that is radically different.  The primary motivating factor is unpatriotic selfish politics.  It is to benefit one political party without regard to the effect on the country.  It has been extremely beneficial for the politicians that have pushed this for the last 40 years.


America is probably the only country with immigration policy that basically ignores the well being of the host country and citizens.  This has been achieved by misdirection and deception.  Hiding the real reason the border is purposely made ineffective.

The current primary deception tactic is to promise with the phrase “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” that a magical undefined new law will solve all our problems and have no downside.  Just as the Affordable Care Act was attempted to be sold with phrases such as “You can keep your insurance if you like it, period” and that it would reduce insurance costs, even though both have proved to be lies.

Again what is “Comprehensibe Immigration Reform”.  It can be having a 100% open border which would bring in over 100 million new people from India, Iran, China, Mexico, Nigeria, etc. in a short period of time.   It can also be having a 100% closed border, with the death penalty for any illegal alien that is caught.

Both are comprehensive, easy to understand reforms.  Yet the two would generate radically different outcomes. Hundreds of different comprehensive plans are possible.

In presidential elections over and over again for the last 40 years both major candidates have said the first thing to do is to seal the border, yet not one of them has done it, or even seriously tried to do it.

Americans have expressed their views on this for decades and government has done the opposite of what the majority of Americans want.  The American people have been disenfranchised on this issue.

So the American people, against their will, have been the losers on this.

Who has been the winner?  It is the Democrat Party.

Why has the Republican Party collaborated on their own suicide?



  1. Will someone please answer the question at the end of this post?

    • Roxana, This is one of the political mysteries of our time. 15 years ago heard Stanton Evans tell a joke in DC to a group of Republicans. He said there are two parties in America, the Stupid Party and the Evil Party, and the Evil Party is the Democrats. The audience eventually had to laugh at the joke.

      That is one explanation. Another is Republican leadership being blackmailed or being Democrat moles. It would be interesting to really know.

  2. Herrmann Glockler July 16, 2014, 10:14 pm

    Republicans in the leadership are really democratic moles or RINOS,
    Even stupid people are right every once in a while, it takes special skills to always frustrate conservatives from voting
    Republicans being Democratic moles in much more likely, since they are consistently wrong.
    The latest example of it was Mitt Romney’s third debate of Obama, where he almost won the presidency based on his first debate performance, but then did his best to lose the last debate, giving Obama his victory by discouraging conservatives from voting


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