Good News in the Mideast? Beirut: Rated World’s 20th Best City Ahead of Paris?

Good News in the Mideast?  Beirut: Rated World’s 20th Best City Ahead of Paris?

The News Media does tend to report negative and bad news.   AUN-TV wanted to find some balance with some good news.  Looking at the world Beirut stood out.   It was the worst city in the world in many ways in the early 1980s.  Here is just one example 1982_Lebanon_War



Beirut Church Today


Today Conde Nast rates it a top 20 city in the world.   Here is what they say:

“The capital of Lebanon has “much to offer the adventurous traveler.” Find “exotic cuisine and cocktails” at the “most exclusive clubs in the world” in what one reader calls “the Paris of the Middle East.” This city offers a “tapestry of sects, religions, and lifestyles that provide a feast for the mind of the intellectual.”

That is good news.   Just as we can learn from how Detroit was destroyed we can learn from how Beirut got so much better.   That is easier said that done.  On this subject there are articles that say the 15 year civil war ended and things got better.   That is about it.

Search Google for “Beirut why peace came” No results found .  Search for “why Beirut got better”, no results. “why Beirut came together”,no results, “why Beirut improved”, no results.

However search for “why Detroit fell apart” getsAbout 118 results (0.15 seconds)” including many detailed studies like this one


It seems good news is ignored not only by the news media, but that academia has no interest either.


The good news is that Beirut is indeed a much better place than 30 years ago, even is no one is interested.



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