Detroit a Third World Country Without Running Water? UN Plans to Step In

Detroit a Third World Country Without Running Water?  UN Plans to Step In

In desperately poor places like Bangladesh after a typhoon,  the UN has been known to try and get fresh water to people.   The UN sees Detroit as so desperately backwards in regards to its running water availability, they plan to get involved.


To put this in perspective, Detroit in the 1950s had the highest standard of living in the world for the average citizen.   So it started with amazing advantages and in 60 years has snatched defeat from the jaws of the easiest of victories.  How?   The place to look is who has controlled Detroit those 60 years?  Whatever the political policies are that have controlled Detroit for those 60 years, we know  are so destructive, they has overcome the best of advantages.  The silver lining is we know what has destroyed Detroit, and we can learn from that.

According to writer Jerome Corsi, the U.N. Human Rights Council’s office in Geneva has confirmed that the United Nations is planning to intervene in the ongoing water situation in Detroit, calling it a violation of international law.

The U.N. is planning formal policy discussions with the Obama Administration regarding Detroit, and it will issue a full report in the Human Rights Council.

Detroit, which has water rates that on average are about double those in the rest of the nation, has been shutting off water to residences by the thousands because at least half of its water customers are in arrears due to the rampant poverty in the city. The result is that 4,500 poor families — most of whom are black, and who include children, the sick and the elderly — are living in residences where they cannot bathe, cook or use the bathroom. To help alleviate this situation, the Detroit City Council recently raised water rates another 8 percent.



  1. Seeing what is happening in America every day is like watching a horror film about the
    end of our freedom as Americans and we are helpless, unable to do anything to stop
    it from happening. Just like a film, does the ending already exist?

  2. Roxana, there is not doubt that since 2008 America’s economy and job situation has greatly underperformed America’s historic pattern. And that we are less free.

    In fact it does make sense that if America follows Detroit’s policies we will get the same results, more or less total failure.

    We do not have to mimic Detroit, there are places that are succeeding in America like North Dakota and Texas. People that care like you, and there are many like you, are a major part of the solution. If people were allowed to know the truth, allowed uncensored news, the majority would do what it right and we as a country would reach new heights.


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