What’s Really Happening In Iraq: A Radical Theory

Melik Kaylan   

Melik Kaylan:

This is as good a time as any to consider a radically different explanation of developments in Iraq, a counter-narrative so to speak. Consider the possibility that the Iraqi army intentionally caved to ISIL. I do not assert it as incontestably true – the evidence is still too murky and may remain that way, perhaps through deliberate obscuration. But nothing that has happened disproves the hypothesis, while a great deal of what we know does click into place  including a number events that seem otherwise unfathomable. I offer it merely as a theory, one to keep in mind before you join the gaddarene rush to passionate opining. Let us not forget how subtle and convoluted and often opaque are the machinations of power in the Middle East and environs.

I have  mentioned before in this space that Syria’s Assad released hundreds of jihadists from his jails and allowed them to join the opposition. This information was first leaked by British Intelligence sources about a year ago in the Daily Telegraph. Here is a recent (rather long) chronicle in Politico of the story, itemizing how Assad let all the prisoners be housed together, how they inevitably networked and bonded which meant they co-ordinated quickly once outside, and how they ultimately split into factions.

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