Nevada and Virginia Republican Primaries are Polar Opposites, Why Brat Won, But Would Not Have in Nevada

Nevada and Virginia Republican Primaries are Polar Opposites, Why Brat Won, But Would Not Have in Nevada

The term shocker and upset are overused in the news media, but not this time.  The David Brat victory over Eric Cantor is truly one of the biggest upsets in our time.

Was this national?  Not really.  In Nevada generally the opposite has happened.  Nevada yesterday had their election and on the Republican side it was very status quo in terms of who won.

On the Democrat side for Governor the results were humorous.  The only candidate to get to 30% was “None of These Candidates”.  The highest human got 25%

Back to the Republican Primary.  Incumbents for the legislature, even if they pulled big bait and switch deceptions on the voters, were generally returned to office.   The bait and switchers who lost the endorsement of the Nevada Republican Party like Hickey and Kieckhefer both got 67%.  Gov. Sandavol got 90% and was seen as less of  bait a switchers than Hickey and Kieckhefer, so they did pay some price.  Both Hickey and Kieckhefer were in leadership as was Cantor.  Whereas Hickey’s opponent Fineberg was heavily outspent, Kieckhefer’s opponent Schmidt ran, with his own money, a lot of very clever radio and TV ads in the last few weeks. This article has background on the bait and switching.

Why the big difference between  VA and NV?

Nevada despite having one if not the worst economy in America,  is complacent.  It is in a status quo mood.   The Statewide Republican Party is not complacent or status quo at all, they endorsed many challengers to incumbent Republicans.  A candidate that was inline with Fineberg and Schmidt, issue wise, Jill Dickman, did win.  However there was no incumbent in her race.

Its the average voter that is complacent with the bad economy and deceptive politics and that is why Nevada voted for incumbents.  What can change that?  A news media that penalizes dishonesty and reminds Nevadans how terrible the economy is,  might.

Another factor is demographics.  Nevada used to have some of the most pro job and pro business policies in the nation, and the economy soared because of that.  That attracted people from Statist/Semi Marxist States like New York here for jobs.    Many of those people did not make the connection that the reason the jobs were here, and not where they came from,  was because of the policies, and imported the detrimental polices with them which has had the same effect here (killing jobs).

As mentioned above, believe that David Brat would not have won in Nevada.  However why he won was because he is a true believer, smart, has vision and is not a politician.   Watch this video of him and think you will see those qualities.


  1. This report on our election is so true and well said. The qualities you list for Brat, I
    saw in Rick Fineberg, Gary Schmidt, Jill Dickman and Robb Archie.

  2. Dana, love you as a fellow Constitutionalist, but this apples to oranges comparison doesn’t work. Comparing a Constitutional race to a State race simply isn’t digestible for me because most Americans are poorly informed on the importance of state races, but are very judgmental of constitutional races. These same voters are unaware that the state races impacts them the most. These same uninformed Americans simply are not motivated enough to make an informed decision on election day. Even though I touched the door of ever Republican primary voter twice in my District… I’ll give you a very sad example of reality: on the Primary election day, I conducted poll watching for 30 minutes each at 6 separate locations through my Assembly District (Nevada AD 27). While most people don’t know what Assembly District they live in, during a Primary, the voters have to audibly declare what party they are registered to. One woman I observed responded to the question with: “I’m a Republican… I think… Can you check for me?” As an observer, I’m not allowed to communicate with the voters, but I really wanted to ask “REALLY?” The politicians in Nevada are using the hell out of media, but they are not using the Media that voters are responsive too. A better job of Target Audience Analysis is what’s required to win. I understand Target Audience Analysis and I won my Assembly District Primary with 61% of the vote without any preprimary endorsements. The problem really lies in voter education, involvement, and motivation and the inability of the candidates to discern how to properly communicate with the voters. Rex

  3. Hi Rex, A Congress seat does attract more attention. What seemed telling is that some of the pols that were incumbents had been caught red handed in doing the opposite of what they promised, got 65%.

    Either that means they are very unaware of what the pol did, or they were OK with the lying. But both mean they are complacent. Being NV is in such bad shape one would think the voters would be less complacent. The things you mention also indicate complacency. Thanks for your comment and congrats on your win.

  4. The proper grammar in your headline is “would not have” not “would not of”. “Have” is an auxiliary verb. “Of” is a preposition. Use have with could, must, should, would, may, and might.

    • Thank You Lily. You are right and it has been corrected.

      We specialize in uncensored news and do a far better job in that regard than the Washington Post or CNN. Grammar is not my strongest suite, thank you again for noticing that.


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