Arrest in Priest Murder, Crime Easily Preventable

Arrest in Priest Murder, Crime Easily Preventable

A career criminal and meth addict has been arrested for the murder of one priest and for badly beating another at a Roman Catholic church in Phoenix.

Gary Michael Moran, 54, was charged  with shooting to death Reverend Kenneth Walker, 28, and beating Rev. Joseph Terra, 56.  The motive appears to be theft.

Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia called the crimes “vicious, tragic and horrifying’ adding that the city as a whole was ‘appalled two priests were attacked.”

Kenneth Walker

The important part of this story is that that Moran did not need to be on the street, he had just been released from prison.  Police described him as a career criminal, with attempted murder, theft and drug charges in his history.

He was in prison because in 2005 Moran entered the apartment of someone he didn’t know, picked up a steak knife, went into a bedroom and stabbed the man in the abdomen without provocation before being subdued, police said. He was sentenced to 10 years in state prison but released early.

Do we want people who break into our homes, then stab us while we are sleeping on the street?  It is no surprise he did this.  If our society would execute people who we know are a grave threat to us and have committed a crime worthy of death, this would have never happened.   Ironically the Catholic Church is opposed to the death plenty although many Catholics are in favor of it.   The alternative is life in prison without chance of parole,  which some say they are in favor of because they think it is crueler.

The choice we have whether we want it or not is to release or not execute people like Moran, or to have murders like the one that just took place.





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