What One Nevadan Legislator Thinks Of Bundy Standoff, Not What Reid Thinks

What One Nevadan Legislator Thinks Of Bundy Standoff, Not What Reid Thinks

Nevada State Senator Don Gustavson and other legislators are asking for an investigation to the massive federal armed incursion into Nevada.

Last week, several Legislators including myself joined in requesting an official investigation regarding the armed incursion initiated by federal agencies on Nevada soil. The citizens of Nevada deserve a public inquiry to learn many unanswered questions such as: who ordered the armed incursion, and under what authority? The official requests have been sent to the Nevada Attorney General and to the Chair of the Legislative Committee on Public Lands. Both letters are posted here and here. DonArt#1


There is much that needs to be discovered. Unfortunately, there are the detractors who attempt to make this about one man. This investigation needs to go beyond the boundaries of one man’s debt, for I have little faith that what was allowed to transpire in Clark County was solely inspired by a languishing I.O.U. 

As I write this newsletter, I have to remind the readers that the situation is still very fluid, and the rumor mill is traveling faster than helicopters chasing calves through desert heat. At the forefront we understand that the BLM has a desire to collect grazing fees, so I wondered to myself, “what if the grazing fees had been paid? Would this lone ranching operation have been allowed to remain unmolested? Why then has the cattle ranching industry in Clark County become so decimated? Furthermore, why has the numbers of grazing cattle declined statewide to an all time low?


Let’s concede then that this issue goes beyond a parcel of land in Clark County. So what gives then? A debt that is unpaid is not a criminal matter but a civil matter, so does it not boggle the mind that heavily-armed federal agencies would swarm on a swath of terrain to collect some grazing fees? What is the rationale of the feds desire in spending a dollar to collect a dime at the risk of human lives? And what does Senator Harry Reid (who spent most of last month suffering from Koch withdrawals) mean by his words this is not over while grinning in front of media cameras when asked about the situation regarding the event that transpired in Southern Nevada? By Reid’s own announcement, one can speculate that Reid’s only interest is seeing a final demise to Clark County’s cattle industry, and that federal agents are retreating long enough to re-strategize its aggressive efforts.  

Meanwhile as federal agencies aim their sights on Nevada, our U.S. borders remain inundated by foreign invaders running drugs & arms. And remember the outcry from the  U.S. Treasury Inspector General that illegal aliens were robbing $4.2 billion a year from taxpayers by exploiting a tiny loophole? The IRS (you know, the federal agency that stayed busy targeting nonprofit conservative groups) said it wouldn’t act to stop the known fraudulent behavior by non-residents filing bogus tax returns unless Congress got involved. The House acknowledged the documented tax fraud by illegal foreigners and passed a bill not once, not twice, but three times to eliminate the costly loop-hole without spilling a drop of blood, but Reid refused to allow a vote in the Senate.


You see my point here? Do the feds not have bigger priorities? A simple floor vote could halt the loss of billions of dollars in theft, and yet our own Senate Majority Leader acts more comfortable with the feds costly engagement of dangerous military-styled tactics on Nevada’s soil to collect on one’s man debt.

My request for an official investigation is not an attempt to defend one man’s debt. This is about the continual over-reach of federal government on Nevada’s soil, and the dilemmas being imposed upon us will continue to increase (see “sage hen”) unless we as a State learn to legally assert our rights. It is my hope that this investigation will lay to rest any false rumors and expose any improper roles regarding interests in our lands, while at the same time invoking an open process that will once and for all describe Nevada’s sovereignty and our rights as defined by the Constitution. 

Over the past several years, several pieces of legislation to lessen the feds choke-hold were introduced by Nevada Legislators including Assemblyman Joe Dini (D-Lyon), Nevada’s longest serving Speaker, and Senator Joe Neal (D-Clark), Nevada’s second longest serving State Senator. Each time legislation was heard in committee, arguments were put forth by certain naysayers that passing any legislation to strengthen Nevada’s sovereignty would end up in court. Well, that wouldn’t be the first time that a piece of legislation went to court; the Nevada Legislature is the People’s Branch of Government whose duties include passing legislation to ensure that our State is managed fairly and efficiently, and the threat of going before the judicial branch of government should never stop the legislative branch of government from representing her people. Nevada is comprised of three branches of government, and I will argue that all three branches share in this same duty in ensuring that our State is managed fairly and efficiently.


The violence on America’s southern border has been out of control and the federal government fails to do its job to protect our Country. In fact, the federal government would rather sue a state that attempts to halt the crime and lawlessness  being committed by criminal invaders crossing her border. Let’s be honest — the feds do a poor job in carrying out its responsibility to protect our Nation’s borders from the unrelenting assault by criminal crossers, and any reading of an illegal invasive slow-down is largely attributed to America’s economic decline and the fact that fewer opportunities were available for undocumented laborers in quest of employment. And while violent drug cartels actively traverse drugs and guns back and forth across America’s porous borders, the Man from Searchlight is busy breeding tensions by referring to Americans as terrorists. That type of incendiary language needs to stop quickly.  



The fact remains that the feds control a larger percentage of lands in Nevada than any other state in America, and for many years an escalating federal bureaucracy has been allowed to batter Nevada with rules, regulations and continually increasing restrictions regarding the uses of our lands in Nevada. Thus, a valid constitutional question to be answered is: should eastern DC bureaucrats be largely in charge of Nevada, or should Nevada be in charge of Nevada? Constitutional scholars will argue that the Constitution gives no such authority that would allow a federal agency the right to deprive Nevada’s ability to control her own public lands, and the only reason the current control has taken place is because Nevada has been complacent in allowing such control to take place.

The oratory that stems from the U.S Majority Leader would suggest that he is close-minded to this issue and is undaunted by the peril of federal armed invasions on the same Nevada soil that he was raised on, but I believe the constitutional aspects regarding Nevada’s sovereign rights can be debated without hostility. This request for an open and transparent investigation needs to take place, and the process to decide Nevada’s sovereignty and protection should commence. Therefore, I call upon the legislative and executive branches of Nevada government to sincerely approach this issue, and I call upon the judicial branch to be prepared to act on this subject. I also call upon Nevada’s Congressional Delegation to make this topic a priority as well.

Reprinted with Senator Gustavson’s Permission.

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