NAZI Basketball Association Outlaws Thought Crimes

NAZI Basketball Association Outlaws Thought Crimes

On April 29, the Nazi Basketball Association (NBA) managed to become even more offensive than Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.  This is quite an achievement.  The fascist outlawing of private “thought crimes” by the NBA is the only thing that could be more offensive than the racist comments made by Sterling.   Sterling is so racist that he is a Jewish man very conspicuously shacking up with a half-Black, half-Mexican girlfriend.  (Huh?)

At this very moment, Vladimir Putin’s Russia is silencing dissent.  The Russian Duma has just passed Putin’s law regulating bloggers on the internet.  Journalists, activists, and critics in Russia have been jailed, ostracized, persecuted, and pushed into bankruptcy.  Social media is now illegal in Russia unless the servers are physically operated inside Russia under Putin’s control.

On April 29, a consensus of self-righteous, chest-thumping censorship was widely heard, including even from Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly.   We are now living in George Orwell’s book 1984  in place of the late, great U.S.A.

The NBA’s actions were condemned  by Larry Elder, African-American radio talk show host:  The worst thing [Sterling] said was ‘Don’t bring your black friends to the games.’ “;The black friends can go, just don’t have em sit next to you. If Magic wants to go, just don’t have him sit next to you’  … for that, he loses his team?”

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says the feeding frenzy shows the United States has become enamored with a culture of “morally superior head shaking” at the expense of dealing with issues substantively.  In a column for Time magazine, the NBA superstar for 20 years writes, “Moral outrage is exhausting. And dangerous. The whole country has gotten a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome from the newest popular sport of Extreme Finger Wagging. Not to mention the neck strain from Olympic tryouts for Morally Superior Head Shaking.”

The NBA did not merely distance itself from controversial comments, such as by demanding a very public apology, but banned  Sterling for life, fined him $2.5 million, and began steps to force Sterling to sell his ownership of the basketball team.  One should remember that the offensive comments were made in private and released only for the purpose of engineering the controversy at hand.

 1984 portrays the mind control techniques of group hate sessions.  Every day the people were called into assemblies to shout their hatred for the officially-designated enemies, chosen by manipulative officials.  Group hatred protected Oceania’s leaders from the people stopping to think about their corrupt leaders. In modern America, we are instructed to all hate the scapegoats chosen for us.   I would say “bread and circuses,” but how many people even know what that technique of diversion and crowd control means any more?

Most U.S. college students and schoolchildren were required to read 1984 in their academic studies.  George Orwell’s book was meant as a warning.   But the modern New Left and Obama’s team seem to take 1984 as a “how to” manual.  Recently, 1984 has become the detailed blueprint for taking over control of traditional America and redesigning our society.

America was built on the idea of tolerance for divergent views and opinions.  That means that if you don’t like what someone has to say, don’t listen to it.  Ignore them.  Living on a planet of 6 billion people requires being an adult and mature enough to accept that other people don’t think the same way you do.  It is childish to feel that everyone has to agree with you.  It is childish to feel upset that someone’s opinion is different from yours.

Fascism begins by riding popular sentiments.  Then, once the precedent of thought control is well-established and accepted, the government can start silencing its critics using the same techniques and arguments.  Obviously, if unpopular people can be silenced, then you too can be silenced the moment you express non-standard thoughts.

Yes, the NBA is a private institution, not government.  But conditioning society to accept the repression of different opinions and ideas is preparing the ground for government-imposed fascism soon to follow.

Thought control is one of the greatest dangers to humanity.  It is un-American.  If American citizens are no longer free to hold opinions that are not officially approved, then freedom, liberty, and America have all died.  Decades ago, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) used to understand that if the most unpopular people are not free to express opinions that most people reject, then no one is truly free.  If you can only express opinions that the authorities agree with, then we are all mind slaves.  The ACLU’s lawyers defended the right of Nazi’s to march and express their opinion, realizing that freedom of speech affects everyone.

Donald Sterling exhibited clear racism in a recorded phone call.  Or did he?  Was it racism?   Sterling’s girlfriend is half Black  and half Mexican.  What kind of racist dates a mixed-race, partially Black woman?   Sterling himself is Jewish.

Sterling’s 31-year-old girlfriend V. Stiviano (born Maria Vanessa Perez ) artificially coached and provoked Sterling into making the comments, while secretly recording the conversation.  (Apparently, Stiviano violated California law by making the recording without Sterling’s knowledge.)

Sterling runs a basketball team employing almost entirely Black basketball players – and at very high salaries.  According to USA Today, “Donald Sterling donated money for years to the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP, which honored the Clippers owner with a lifetime achievement award in 2009 and was planning to present him another in May until the controversy broke over his racially insensitive comments that went public over the weekend.”

What kind of racist donates heavily to the NAACP?  Oh, you say, to cover his tracks.  Balderdash.  That’s nonsense.  A racist wants the symbolism in society of denigrating a target, disfavored race.  To give the public symbolism of supporting that race is the antithesis of racist beliefs.  To be known publicly as supporting Blacks is the polar opposite of being racist.  This author has debated true racists — probably from old Nazi Bormann Enterprises funded by Nazi gold — over the internet.  Believe me, racists will not make public statements of support for a race if they oppose that race.  Symbolism — public symbolism — is very important to them.

Were Sterling’s comments racist or just simple jealousy?  Sterling objected to his half-Black girlfriend cavorting – publicly – with basketball players who are Black.  An old man dating an attractive young woman may feel embarrassed by photos posted on the internet appearing (rightly or wrongly) to portray his girlfriend dating younger, more-physically fit men behind his back.  Sterling’s fear that his half-Black girlfriend might find strong, young, Black basketball players more attractive than an elderly White guy is understandable.

That’s the trouble with rushing to judgment like the Salem witch trials.  It’s easy to designate anyone as evil if we only hear one side of the controversy.  Public hysteria runs a high risk of convicting the innocent.  Sterling denies being racist.

It almost makes more sense that Sterling himself is not racist, but is concerned about the opinions of other people seeing photographs of his girlfriend posted publicly.  Racist White Jews don’t date half-Black Latinas.  But Sterling might be concerned about what other people he knows might think that his girlfriend is flirting with Blacks.  He might be ashamed among his friends that his girlfriend seems more interested in basketball and basketball players than in him.

Your author typically says that I have never witnessed racism in U.S. society, except the racism by liberals who treat minorities as if being a minority is a physical or mental disability.  The African-American roommates I have lived with in close quarters and the Black candidates I have supported would testify that race and ethnicity are invisible and unnoticed for me.

If Donald Sterling is the best example the grievance industry could find, I would say racism is truly gone from American life.  The only vestiges of racism left in our society are the condescending and patronizing attitude of liberals who look down on minorities and don’t believe minorities can succeed without government help.  This makes the controversy especially ironic within the NBA where Blacks are earning millions of dollars for out-performing their White counterparts.

  1. clearly blacks are a protected species & cannot be criticized no matter what they say think feel or do. so are homos, hispanics, lesbians & anybody & everything unless of course they are white, jewish, christians or str8, then it is open season.

    • Jonathan Moseley April 30, 2014, 9:55 am

      I don’t think it is so much about protected groups, as the right of the dominant majority to decide what other people say and think. The dominant opinion leaders are not going to let you say ANYTHING they disagree with — about government, taxes, global warming, regulation, incumbent politicians, you name it. They simply seize on public controversies to condition people to thinking it is okay to silence people. But they are going to silence you about EVERYTHING — not just about certain groups.

  2. Great read. It will be wonderful to see the NAACP return all of his money. Sarc. This is an Orwellian world we live in and as long as the liberal media walks in lockstep with the liberal politician, the protected classes will remain on the plantation for many more generations. It is bread and circuses as the GDP was just released today at 0.1% growth…
    Crickets… Bird chirping sounds… More gladiator fights!

  3. Jonathan,
    This is such a good article. It is logical and well researched. I agree with your
    insight into the more than likely reason for Sterling’s private statements to his
    friend. Ashamed or embarrassed…..makes sense.


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