Obama Losing European Support? Gives Speech at Hague, Only One Person Applauds

Obama Losing European Support? Gives Speech at Hague, Only One Person Applauds

Even after saying Thank You three times. The Washington Post censored out the most important part of the video in their report.

President Barack Obama received what may be a first.  Before he became President he was mobbed and idolized by European crowds.  In his speech this week at the Hague, in front of a large crowd, he finished the speech  and no one applauded, so he said “Thank You” and still no one applauded, so he said thank you again and only one person meekly applauded, then the host said thank you and told the crowd the press conference was over.  Still only one person applauded.

This is amazing.  We have never seen an American presidential speech in Europe that could only muster one person to applaud, and only after multiple attempts to generate applause.  Even more amazing is this was a selected crowd.  No one got in without Obama’s people approving them.

What has soured Europeans on Obama?  It may be the topic he was asked about.  Obama with his drone strikes executing Americans without trial and the revelations Obama approved the spying on European leader’s cell phones, etc.   The crowd reaction indicates Europeans reject Obama’s explanations and reassurances.

How was this reported by American news media outlets suspected in the USA of corrupting the news to help Obama?  The Washington Post completely censored out the crowd reaction, the  most important part of the video, in their report.  You can view it here:   http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/transcript-obamas-remarks-on-russia-nsa-at-the-hague-on-march-25/2014/03/25/412950ca-b445-11e3-8cb6-284052554d74_story.html .   It is censorship like this that has “Establishment” media outlets like the WP near all time lows,  in terms on credibility.

Watch the crowd reaction video yourself here:

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